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Wednesday , September 27 2023
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6 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Overweight

6 Warning Signs Your Dog Is Overweight

Just as excess weight and obesity bring all sorts of health problems in us, your dog can face similar issues affecting their lifestyle. It can be due to many reasons like – overfeeding, neglecting to take them on a walk, or improper diet, etc.

You can keep your pet healthy by picking foods high in calcium for dogs. It makes their bones and teeth strong, ensures proper muscle building and functioning, and strengthens their heart and nervous system.

Remember, dogs don’t grow overweight overnight!

So check the weight of your dog at regular intervals and don’t jump to an assessment that your pup is fat blindly. The overweight factor depends on their species too.

For example – You have a Chihuahua that weighs 20 pounds. Its ideal weight is 10 pounds, so it’s overweight. Now say you have a Spaniel of the same weight. They are underweight as they should weigh 30 pounds at least.

Are you wondering how to tell if your dog is overweight?

Here Are The Six Warning Signs For Overweight in Dogs

1. Troubles Hopping on Furniture

Lately, have you noticed any change in their behavior?

Excess body fat can make it difficult for them to do a basic jump. It puts unwanted pressure on joints. Therefore cut back on those bacon snacks and give more calcium in dog-food.

2. Difficulty in Breathing After Minor Exercises

Is your dog wheezing or panting hard after a short walk?

If they don’t have any stress or are in hot weather conditions, then it’s a sign of overweight and impaired respiratory functions.

3. Can’t Groom Itself?

A healthy dog can reach around to groom or scratch itself easily, but if they are overweight, they cannot do so. Moreover, barring any medical or physical constraints, if you notice signs of their legs sticking out to the side and they can’t walk properly, it’s time to take your dog to a gym.

4. Constipation or Other Digestive Issues

Is your dog having more gas, constipation, or tummy issues more nowadays?

These are common issues an overweight dog can have. Calcium for dogs is essential as it protects them from renal failure. Talk to a vet for better weight management and the right type of diet based on their age, health, and activity levels.

5. Appearance

Can you feel the ribs of your dog?

If it’s healthy, you may not be able to see their ribs, but you can feel them easily under the skin. Additionally, look down while you stand over your dog and see how they appear.

Is it wider in the chest and narrower through the abdomen? If not, then your dog is overweight.

6. Showing Lethargy

Is your pet showing a lack of interest in their old favorite activities?

It is a symptom of obesity. Due to excess weight, your dog can lack overall energy to do any activity or play outside.


If you see any of these warning signs, accept that your dog is overweight. Take appropriate measures, understand the importance of calcium for dogs in diet, and consult a qualified veterinarian to get your dog back in shape.

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