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Wednesday , September 27 2023
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Enhance Your Dog’s Immune System – 5 Effective Ways for Optimal Health

Enhance Your Dog’s Immune System – 5 Effective Ways for Optimal Health

Coming home to a happy, healthy pup with a shiny coat and wagging tail is a delightful sight to watch – Isn’t it?

But many pet parents nowadays are struggling with the malfunctioning immune system of their dogs. For this reason, dogs of Indian breeds are getting adoption preferences worldwide.

Breeds of Indian dogs are intelligent, low maintenance, and have a relatively more robust immune system, as their immunity is not tempered like pedigreed ones.

However, as a devoted pet parent, whichever dog breed we have – Indie or pedigreed, we all want to keep them healthy. – Isn’t it? By checking the points below, we can answer the question of how to boost your dog’s immune system.

5 Natural Ways to Boost Your Dog’s Immune System

1. Play with Your Dog & Make Them Exercise

The best way to keep your dog fit is to play and exercise adequately. It burns unwanted fat cells, improves blood circulation, lowers stress, and oxygenates the whole body. In short, take them to a dog park and have fun.

Let them feel good and happy running around with you!

2. Give them a Balanced Diet

Refrain from feeding your dog with bacon snacks; give table scraps or people food!

If you want your cuddle buddy to stay fit and healthy, take a few minutes to make a nice healthful, balanced meal for them. Follow the ‘Doggie Food Pyramid’ –

1. Protein
2. (Healthy) Fat
3. Carbohydrates
4. Vitamins
5. Minerals

You can also talk to a vet or an animal food specialist to set a diet chart best suited to your pet’s breed.

3. Keep An Eye On The Hydration

Compared to breeds of Indian dogs, pedigreed breeds like Siberian Husky or Saint Bernard can have more dehydration issues if they live in a tropical, humid climate. It affects their immune system adversely.

Whichever dog breed you have, make sure you give twelve ounces of water per ten pounds of your dog’s body weight daily to keep them well hydrated.

4. Go For Nutritional Supplements

To increase the effectiveness of the immune system, introduce healthy nutritional supplements in your dog’s diet. These supplements are all-natural and holistic, which you can find in any pet store or online pet health websites.

Add canine probiotics and omega fish oils to Boost immune system functionality and overall health to your pet’s diet.

Your dog will surely enjoy the yummy all-natural salmon-flavored treat chew!

5. Unlock the Healing Power of Dog Massage

After a tiring day, you love a spa or a massage – Don’t you?

Now, let your dog enjoy the healing powers of massages. The moderate pressure of massage can enhance the immune functions of your dog.

So, let them relax and boost their immunity!


Even if you cannot see all the invisible germs or pollutants attacking your pet, you must try to boost their immune system. The robust immune system and low maintenance factor in indie pups make them an ideal choice for adoption.

If you want one, always go for legitimate and the best dog website in India for adoption. If you would like to know more about boosting the immunity of your pet baby, please post your questions and comments below.

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