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Thursday , September 29 2022
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How to Crate Train Your Dog?

Crate training is not a one-off thing. It might take you some significant amount of time before your dog or puppy is fully trained. Crate training requires a lot of patience as it is something that might take days or even weeks. Is crate training really necessary? Well, some pet ...

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The best tricks that you can teach your dog

Does your family engage with the dog?

The best trick that you can teach your dog is to roll over. It is one of the easiest to teach as well. First of all, you would have to use some of your dog’s favorite treats and get it to a down position. To do this trick, you would ...

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Dog Park Behavior And Etiquette Tips

Dog parks are created just for one reason i.e., to give our pet dogs some freedom and space to run wild. Dogs can also have fun and mingle with other dogs during their time in a dog park. These parks have certain advantages for both dog owners and their dogs. ...

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Train Your Puppy To Stop Biting

Puppies spend a great deal of time playing and chewing out things. Most of their daily activities involve using their tongue and teeth. From an early age, puppies begin to bite and chomp on people’s hands and clothing. While this sort of behavior may appear cute and adorable when they ...

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