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Thursday , May 23 2024
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How to Train Your Dog Properly?

How to Train Your Dog Properly?

Are you ready to begin the process of training your dog? Owning a dog is a sheer joy for a dog lover. However, it also has its share of responsibilities, especially when you want your dog to be happy and thriving.

If you are yet to start training your dog, you must remember that proper socialization and training are among the necessities for your dog. Training provides the opportunity to create a great bond between you and your dog.

Moreover, it lets him understand his space and how he has to behave and makes him comfortable around other people.

It is significant to start the training sessions with your dog as early as possible, especially for basic commands such as sitting, staying, coming, going to their crate, and going outside to potty.

You may believe this or not, but this training is something you too can impart, even if you are a beginner. Training your dog might seem overwhelming at the initial stages, especially when it is your first time as a dog parent.

Training your dog is a rather important project that will bear positive results in the future.

Crate training and house training your dog 

11 Training Games To Help Your Pooch Love His Crate

If you are not planning to keep your dog outdoors, you must teach them where to eliminate it. In any case, you should not keep them outside. Therefore, you would find a few dog owners doing so.

This particular training is considered for house training, potty training, and housebreaking. As such, this is one of the first things you must work on with your furball. Crate training is a rather important part of the training process.

Could you leash training your dog? 

Leash training your dog

Every dog must learn how to walk on a leash. In any case, most places in the USA (United States of America) have leash laws that you must abide by. As a dog parent, you must follow the existing law. Apart from that, there would be times when you would have to keep your dog on a leash for their safety.

Learn ways to introduce them to the leash and then teach them how to walk when on it. You can teach them to do so even when you are on a bike seated beside you, accompanying you on a trip.

Socializing your dog 

Socializing your dog

Socializing your dog aims to teach how to accept new people, places, and animals by exposing them to such phenomena. If your dog is socialized, there is little chance that they would develop behavioral issues, and others would also generally welcome them more than would have happened otherwise.

With the help of such training, you would ward off the development of various phobias and fears that they might otherwise suffer from. The bottom line is that if you socialize with your dog, they will be much happier and better behaved.

Clicker training for dogs

Clicker Training for your Dog or Puppy

Clicker training can be called a usual method of training positive reinforcement. It is an effective and straightforward method of training your dog. It is not as if such training is mandatory for dogs – they would still be fine if you teach them without it.

Be sure that going this way would be more beneficial for your dog, as so many dog parents have found out. With clicker training, you can effectively teach your dog all sorts of advanced and basic tricks and commands.

Some fun tricks and basic commands for dogs 

Fun facts about Greyhound dog

There are some fundamental tricks and commands that dogs should be taught, like the following:

  • come
  • speak
  • drop it
  • stay
  • back up

With basic commands, you give your dog a sense of structure. On top of that, they can help you overcome some common behavioral issues that dogs suffer from. It would help you keep your dog safe as well.

Dog tricks are great because when they show them off, it is a matter of great fun and pride for both of you. These tricks are a great way of taking them to the next level.

Troubleshooting and proofing behavior

Creating a Safe & Cozy Home for Your Senior Dog

Proofing can be the final step to teaching your dog a new behavior. You must learn ways to prove behaviors. So, your dog is just as obedient at your friend’s home or the park as when they are at home.

Remember that just because you have the final stage of behavioral training does not mean any such issues will not crop up later in life. You should know the common problems in this case and how to deal with them.

Setting a purpose for training your dog 

It is significant on your part to understand why you are training your dog to perform a particular behavior rather than doing it just for the sake of it. The command in question needs to have real meaning for both of you. For every trick or control you teach, set a goal that you enforce every single time with the same.

Using dog food to train them

dog eating food

The food your dog eats is a phenomenal resource and one of the best tools that you can use to teach them. This is especially so when they are pups.

At that stage, if you have them work for their food, it would be easy to get their attention. Could you make sure you are holding on to it? You can also use their food to reward them for doing something good.

It would create a positive association between you and your furry friend, where your dog would look to you for direction.

The importance of a daily routine 

Maintaining a consistent routine in training your dog tells your dog that you – their human parent and benevolent benefactor – are in charge. It helps them learn the household rules and understand that they must work to earn the privileges and the food they are provided daily.

Dogs desire such a kind of safe certainty, and they respect it as well. With time both of you will learn to understand that this is something you must follow, come what may.

Teaching them the attention command

7 Basic Commands Used to Train a Dog

Getting your dog’s attention would be best – it is the basis of all your interaction with them. If they are not paying attention to you, your commands and efforts behind training will be wasted. You can start the process by saying their name. When they look at you, say yes and provide them with a small treat tidbit. That’s how you can mark such good behavior.

If they do not look at you, show them the treat and hold it close to your face. Say their name, and praise & treat them when they look at you.


Apart from training them, you first need to be ready when you get one. So, start by assessing your current lifestyle and judge if bringing a puppy would be okay. Discuss the step with your family, especially your kids. It is okay if they get excited but also teach them the expectations and rules applicable.

Research breeds and breeders who are reputable and safe. If you wish to adopt one from a shelter, you can do that as well – in fact, that would be a lot more humane step.


How can beginners train a dog at home?

The first step you need to take in this regard is to minimize distractions. You can also break up the training program into short and consistent sessions to make sure your dog is calm.

What are the seven basics of dog training?

The following are the seven basics of dog training:

  • sit
  • down
  • stay
  • come
  • heel
  • off
  • no

These are the ones that your dog must respond to and obey.

What are the five golden rules of dog training?

The five golden rules of training a dog are enumerated below:

  • going at your dog’s pace
  • patience and consistency
  • making the reward worth it
  • setting your dog to be successful
  • never punish them

How do you train a dog in four steps?

Following are the four steps in which you can train them properly:

  • teaching them the sit command
  • teaching them the down command
  • teaching them the stay command
  • teaching them the come command

How can I start training my dog?

You can begin training your dog by walking away slowly from them. After that, call their name and reward them with a treat when they visit you.

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