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Wednesday , December 1 2021
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Do Dogs Suffer From Depression And Anxiety As Humans?

Petsfolio Cover images New DOG DOG SUFFER

Dogs are high on emotions, and like humans, they experience mood swings, depression, anxiety, and panic attacks. Even the most lively puppies can become inactive or low while experiencing depression. You need to recognize the symptoms of pet sadness and help your four-legged buddy go back to their former self. ...

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Dog Park Behavior And Etiquette Tips

Dog parks are created just for one reason i.e., to give our pet dogs some freedom and space to run wild. Dogs can also have fun and mingle with other dogs during their time in a dog park. These parks have certain advantages for both dog owners and their dogs. ...

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Train Your Puppy To Stop Biting

Puppies spend a great deal of time playing and chewing out things. Most of their daily activities involve using their tongue and teeth. From an early age, puppies begin to bite and chomp on people’s hands and clothing. While this sort of behavior may appear cute and adorable when they ...

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Top 3 Muscle Building Exercises For Dogs

Guest post! Whether your dog is a simple house pet or appears in dog shows, muscle building exercises play a very important role in life. Providing your dog with strength training and exercise can improve his life and ensure that he is always prepared to perform. All dogs whether old or young ...

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How To Train Your New Puppy?

Dogs India

Training a new puppy isn’t an easy task. You have to be extremely careful, patient, and persistent in order to get your puppy well trained. Check this Puppy training video by Animal planet for more insights. Video via YouTube Keep in Mind If your pup likes to nibble around your ...

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How Training With Your Dog Will Strengthen Your Bond

bonding with your dog

Guest post! Dogs have the unique ability to understand and pick up on human emotions. We see dogs getting excited when their humans are excited – and vice versa – all the time. This emotional sensitivity is part of the reason why dogs and humans can establish a deep bond ...

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Basic Skills That Your Dog Needs To Be Taught

Basic Skills That Your Dog Needs To Be Taught

Guest post! Training a dog is a critical aspect of owning a dog; it is a lifetime process for dogs as they keep learning every day of their lives. Dogs are natural creatures that are eager to learn and also heeds to correction. Training a dog can be quite stressful ...

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How To Stop Dogs From Eating Dirt?

Dogs eat dirt for lots of reasons; some are extremely minor while some are quite serious. In case your pooch eats dirt once in a while, it is nothing to get stressed over. He might be trying to find or eat something that is buried underneath the dirt! On the ...

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