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Thursday , March 23 2023
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How To Raise Your Dog To Be Confident

How to Raise a Confident Dog

There are so many ways to raise your dog to be confident. The first way would be to make them practice being alone. When you provide your dog with certain sessions when they can be on their own, you allow them to feel comfortable. However, make sure that these sessions are not too long.

When both of you are at home, you can bring them to wherever they sleep – it could be their crate – and settle them before they spend some time on their own. Praise them for going to their sleeping position and walk away with the least amount of fanfare that you can.

If you want, you can stay home but out of their earshot and eyesight. You have to give this a few minutes at the least. When you go back to let your dog out, you should make a big deal of the fact that you have returned. Shower them with love and tell them how good they have been while you were away.

When you do this a lot, and for shorter periods, they would establish a positive connection with the space where they spend time alone. You are putting a sense of confidence in them that you would return, and when you do, it would be just an amazing experience for one and all.

8 Ways to Raise Confidence in Dogs

#1 Leaving some comfort 

You must have noticed undoubtedly that your dog loves your smell. It is one of the main ways in which they would recognize you. It would also bring them great comfort to be around that smell. Put an item that has your smell on it. Place the item inside the crate.

This way, they would be a bit comfortable when alone and away from you. You can always put your smelly shirt in the likes of comfort cuddlers. This way, they would have a cozy pillow with your scent on it.

They can easily snuggle down and be at ease when you are away from them. Does your dog have a blanket or toy they favor? If yes, it would be a good idea to put it in the crate when you are away.

The main aim is to make your dog familiar with the entire process, experience, and environment. Comfort items can be a great tool in this particular regard.

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#2 Taking them to a doggie daycare center 

Socializing is a significant activity as it would make your dog in every sense of the word. You can always take your dog to a doggie daycare center to stimulate such well-being. It would indeed be an ideal way to do so.

This way, you are making sure that your dog has a great time even when you are not there with them. With such a service, your dog would be able to see you go after you have left it in a place where it would have an absolute blast.

If you are looking for the perfect way to condition them while you are absent this is it. The thing with services such as these is that you can use them as frequently as you can afford them or want them. Even if you do this just once a week, you can provide them with more confidence.

They would learn how to be comfortable even in your absence. It would do them a world of good as well. When you are in the initial stages of conditioning your dog, you can make these visits more frequent.

#3 Making it special 

It is one trick that parents to human children do all the time. Following is how you can go about this. You buy a super fantastic toy that happens to be awesomely appealing as well. You provide them with the toy only when they are ready to spend time alone.

It means that they do not have to be in a crate or be all depressed and droopy-headed when you are leaving. Instead, they can enjoy a total play fest of epic proportions.

Every dog is unique, and this is natural. It could be that your dog might enjoy pulling the stuffing out of a plush toy. Maybe, they would prefer to lick the peanut butter from the center of a toy. You can also use toys that test their intellect.

It would provide them sufficient stimulation when they are alone, and it would be great fun for them as well. You can choose any toy that would appeal the most to them. You can choose something that would last the longest time – it must be one that your dog would get highly excited about.

#4 Making it familiar   

Traveling with dogs these days has become a lot easier than it used to be earlier. However, there will be times when you would have to travel without them. You can be sure that your dog would not like to go on work trips or trips with your gang.

It means that they would be in the care of other people. Therefore, you must familiarize them with those spaces before leaving them there for a certain period. The boarding facilities are more than happy to let you take your dog to acclimatize themselves with the space.

Before you leave them there to stay for a specific duration, you should let them sniff around and get acquainted with the facility. Even if they take one walk to smell and see the sites, it should be good enough. The time duration, in this case, would not be that important.

It will make it much easier for them to deal with absence. If you can spare some time, you can stay there with them so that they have some pleasant experience over there with you. It is always better if you could get a familiar member or friend, who your dog is familiar with, to keep them while you are away.

#5 Lonely practice

Providing short and frequent training makes the dog feel accustomed when alone. When you are home, take the dog to its bed or crate. Keep him there for a short period. Applaud your pet to go to its bed and walk out of sight without commotion.

Without leaving your home, keep yourself out of the vision and audibility of your dog for a few minutes. Then, go to the crate to let the dog out from it. Try to make it believe you are happy with its behavior and give your dog some treats. Doing this continuously and frequently will help increase the morale and confidence of your dog.

If the dogs are stressed, they may become loud. It’s maybe due to your absence for a long time. Make it shorter at the initial stage. Gradually, you can increase the time duration. It increases their confidence in a time of seclusion.

#6 Dog daycare

Dog Socialization Tips

Socialization is the most crucial aspect of your puppy’s future life. Providing daycare for the dog will help him acclimatize to the situation in your absence. He gets the opportunity to stay in his area, observing you left. Gradually, they start enjoying their surrounding without any boundaries.

It will boost their self-esteem without your presence. You can provide daycare for dogs according to your necessity and affordability. In the initial stages of daycare, you need frequent visits to habituate your pups. Gradually, it can be on an occasional basis.

#7 Special treat 

Sometimes, we use this trick on our children. The process occurs in a way that we purchase a unique and attractive toy or game for our child. We do this so that when we are not present, they indulge in this toy and don’t care whether they are alone or not.

In the same way, place such a toy or puzzle on your dog bed. They start indulging in huge proportion. But be careful about the item so that no choking incidence occurs.

#8 Familiarity with the situation

Before leaving for an outstation visit, make your dog familiar with unknown temporary staying. For better results, you can initially start with a few hours. With time, the dog will get habituated to staying without your presence. It will help increase their comfort.

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