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Tuesday , July 23 2024
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Dog Park Behavior And Etiquette Tips

Dog parks are created just for one reason i.e., to give our pet dogs some freedom and space to run wild. Dogs can also have fun and mingle with other dogs during their time in a dog park.

These parks have certain advantages for both dog owners and their dogs. However, these dog parks are not for everyone. There are some rules and etiquette that you need to learn yourself and teach your puppies before going to a dog park.

Here’s a rundown of things to remember when visiting a dog park:

Remove the leash


Firstly, train your dog to walk close to you without the leash and check the rules of the dog park before entering. Once you are in the park, take the leash off. Remember that leash meddles with the natural body language of the dogs. They can get tangled up in them.

Also, keep in mind that dogs that are accustomed to steady pulling against a leash can act in undesirable ways. Most dog parks require that your pooch be off-leash anyway, so let them free for some time.

Little dogs need special attention

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Try to discover a dog park that has a puppy or little dog segment (little dog playtime). It’s natural for a little fellow to feel overpowered and overwhelmed in the middle of bigger canines. A group with little dogs will feel less overwhelming to your small puppy.

Let your little puppy walk on the ground, don’t pick them up, and walk around the park. Being held in the arms of a human can give your pooch a misguided feeling of control. It may also entice different puppies to jump at the pooch being held to get a closer sniff.

Stay only as long as your dog is having fun


Visits to the canine park should not be time-bound. However, if your dog isn’t enjoying the experience, or feeling terrified of other dogs or the environment then you should leave the park immediately.

Be cautious

Keep your attention on your canine all the time. Don’t participate or encourage group huddles in the park, it may cause too many pooches bumping together in one spot. Always keep an eye on your pooch and don’t let them out of your sight.

Stay calm and talk quietly

A noisy environment is confusing for dogs. They don’t understand the commands and excessive human noise can spoil the fun for them. It can also induce bad behavior in dogs. Stay calm and talk quietly during your visit to the dog park and make sure your dog is able to hear your commands clearly.

Save treats (and toys) for some other time


Don’t take treats or too many toys to the park. It can invoke an aggressive reaction in your dog if some other dog tries to steal or play with their toy. Let them have some unleashed time of wild running. It is healthy for them!

Stay connected with your pooch at the dog park

Man hugging his pet dog

Not by means of a leash, but rather through a mental association. Call your puppy to you often to make them feel noticed. Play a quick game, or simply give them a belly rub and send them back to play.

Relax and enjoy the experience

Man petting dog in park

Going to a dog park is a relaxing experience for you as well. Take time to soak the sun and watch your pooch have a good time. In case you’re worried about your canine’s behavior, then ask a professional dog trainer to accompany you for the first few times.

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