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Tuesday , February 7 2023
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8 Best and Easy Dog Tricks to Train Your Dog

The best trick that you can teach your dog is to roll over. It is one of the easiest to teach as well. First of all, you would have to use some of your dog’s favorite treats and get it to a down position. To do this trick, you would have to bring the treat to the level of its nose.

Just lower it to the floor. You also need to make sure they are following you closely. Once they have accomplished the task, you must reward them. After that, you would need to get them on their side. The method you follow is the same as the earlier one.

Unique tricks to teach your dog

#1 Giving paws or shaking hands

Giving paw or shaking hands


It happens to be yet another great trick as well. Moreover, it is an effective way to greet your dog formally after you have had a long day at work. Once again, this is an easy trick to teach.

Unlike the other tricks taught to dogs, they need less time to learn this. Start by letting them sit in front of you. Then, hold a treat in one hand and show it to them.

#2 Spinning

dog rolling

In this particular trick, you must follow the method you used in the first trick: rolling over and allying it with a vocal command. Hold the treat close to the dog’s nose and guide its head towards the side. It will ensure that they eventually have to move in a circular motion so the dog can follow the treat.

When your dog completes the task, praise them for their achievement and give them the treat. You can repeat this task as often as you want until your baby can do it on your command – without the treat.

#3 Speaking

dog Speaking

It is hard to find dog parents who like their babies to bark. However, teaching them how to express themselves on cue vocally is different. You can also use this trick to end their barking issues. The thing with this trick is that it is so easy that it is surprising.

You have to follow a few basic steps in this case. The easiest way to teach them how to speak is by utilizing a trigger that causes them to bark.

#4 Sitting pretty

dog Sitting

You can be sure the trick is a great one as well. For this, you both need to start at the ground level. Take a treat in hand and use it to guide its nose over and up the head. It will make sure they use their hind legs to position themselves.

In most cases, dogs stand up totally so that they can get the treat. However, make them sit back down again to try the trick again. Once again, positive reinforcement for successful completion is the key in these cases.

#5 Fetching

dog Fetching

If you want to teach your furball how to fetch, you must get several treats along with the toy they like the most. You need to make sure you are encouraging them to bring out their playful side before you use the toy in question.

Therefore, you must play with them first. When they have brought back an item, you should use a cue and give them a treat. It would entice them to get back to you. Keep rewarding them every time they are successful.

#6 Playing dead

dog Playing dead

It needs to be acknowledged that teaching this particular trick takes more time than the others. However, when you use the verbal cue, they enact it successfully.

Hence, it is the most joyous experience for one and all. In this case, you must begin training by letting your dog lie down on their stomach – you must stay close to its level.

Use a treat to guide them to their side using the verbal cue. This trick’s two most popular ways of communication are bang-bang and play-dead.

#7 Army crawling

dog crawling - wikihow

Are you looking for a cool trick you can teach your dog? Then this is one that you can always try. It is especially true when you are a fan of incorporating such great dog tricks in their assault courses or training sessions. For this, you need to start by having them lie down.

Hold a treat and lure them slowly to come to you. Usually, you would see they are getting back up, and it’s due to their instinct.

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#8 Taking a bow

dog Taking a bow

It is not easy to teach your dog how to take a bow. However, if you are consistent and keep at it, your baby will not take much time to learn this one.

Start the exercise with them in a standing position. Have the treat in your hand, and then use the verbal command or cue while you guide their nose down.

Be careful not to mix up your commands. If you use the wrong cue, they will do what they are supposed to do in those cases.


Jumping through a hula hoop is something that you can teach your dog as well. Usually, experts say this is one of the more advanced options in this particular discussion over here.

However, once your dog learns the first few, it will take little time to master the rest. You need to make sure you are teaching them the easier steps first.

The process of training starts with familiarizing your dog with the hoop. Use treats to reward them when they get close to it. Then hold the hoop higher from the ground and use the treat to entice them to jump through it.

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