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Tuesday , June 25 2024
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Chandigarh’s First Dog Friendly Restaurant

pet friendly restaurants

The city is now warming up to allowing your pets share your company at restaurants. This is heartening news for Chandigarh people, a city known for high on pet ownership. Chandigarh’s dog friendly restaurant, Lumos Coco opened in Godrej Eternia, Industrial Area, Phase 1. Angad Singh organized the launch along …

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Chandigarh Parks Become Homes For Stray Dogs

Stray dogs in Chandigarh

Chandigarh parks have become homes for many stray dogs. More than four public parks of Sector 8 and the Fragrance garden of sector 36 need urgent attention. Stray canines have made these public parks their home, so the nearby house owners avoid going to these parks after evening. What local residents …

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Mohali Sniffer Dogs Ready To Retire

Mohali snifer dog Dhoni

A sniffer dog named Dhoni, working with the Mohali district police for the last 10 years is going to retire on December 13. A formal farewell ceremony will be held by the Mohali police for Dhoni and for two other dogs, John and Preeti, who are also retiring on the same …

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Stray Dog Menace Troubling Residents OF Sector 47 Chandigarh

Stray dog menace

Recently, stray dog menace in sector 47 have caused a scare among the local residents. The population of stray dogs continue to multiply even with the best controlling efforts by the municipal corporation. Stray dog menace The local resident welfare association (RWA) has claimed that the roads belong to these …

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Mohali MC Plans To Increase The Dog Pound Area By 5 Acres

Mohali MC Plans To Increase The Dog

After receiving a lot of flak from animal lovers in the tricity regarding lack of post-operative care of sterilized dogs, Mohali administration has announced that they are planning to increase the pound area by 5 acres. This would make the stay of stray animals comfortable before and after sterilization. The …

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9 Puppies Rescued From A Tied Polybag In Mohali

9 Puppies Rescue

Recently, nine puppies packed in a polybag have been found abandoned outside a cattle pound in Mohali.  All puppies have been rescued and are being taken care of. Pardeep Kumar, supervisor of Gauri Shankar Sewa Dal managing the cattle pound in Mohali, said he heard the sound of puppies crying …

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