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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Foreign Dog Breeds Suffering Due To Heat Wave In Chandigarh

Foreign Dog Breeds

The number of health issues in foreign dog breeds has risen in Chandigarh due to extremely hot conditions. Most of the pets are coming to the vets with climate-induced sickness. According to doctors, many of these pets won’t survive this weather without special care! Veterinarians say that the Chinese Pugs, German Rottweilers, Great Danes, Swiss ...

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Furever Friends Help Dog Owners Find Their Missing Dog

Furever friends

Furever friends is a small group of people with active members who volunteer to help find missing pets and also help stray dogs in the tricity region. This Chandigarh–based group also runs a free ambulance service for stray animals and has successfully traced two missing dogs in the tricity so ...

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30 Dogs Allegedly Attacked with Acid And Machete In Mohali

30 Dogs Allegedly Attack with Acid

Another animal cruelty incident has come up in Tricity area. More than 30 dogs were allegedly attacked with acid, sticks and machete at an animal shelter in Nandiali village near Airport Road on Tuesday. Resham Dhaliwal, the owner of the shelter, Protection and Care for Animals (PACFA), claimed that the dogs ...

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Chandigarh Dog News: Stolen Pet Dog Returns Home

dog stolen chandigarh

Two days after being stolen, the 6-month-old pit bull pet, Mogambo, owned by a judicial magistrate (first class), returned home. Mogambo was lifted from outside the judicial officer’s government house on Saturday in Sector 19. However, on Monday, Mogambo, returned home from the back gate of the house. Mogambo returns ...

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