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Saturday , May 18 2024
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No Stray Dog Sterilization in Zirakpur | Chandigarh Dog News

The growing population of stray dogs on the streets of Zirakpur is posing menace to kids and the people residing in the area. There have been 3 to 6 dog bite cases being reported in the city on a daily basis.

As per the order passed in 2012 by Punjab and Haryana High Court to form a policy for dog catching and sterilization; tricity – Chandigarh, Panchkula and Mohali municipal corporations had created a process under Animal Birth Control (ABC) to check stray dog menace. However, Zirakpur has made no such policy. There is no team of animal husbandry, doctors for sterilization or any dog catching van in the arsenal of Zirakpur Municipal Corporation (ZMC).

According to residents

Gurpreet Singh, a Zirakpur resident said, “Dogs are allowed to roam free and bite. ZMC is doing nothing despite our repeated efforts. My son was bitten by a dog around 15 days ago. But, luckily the damage was not that severe.”

Many complaints have been registered

Residents claimed they have filed multiple formal complaints regarding dog menace that include not only biting but also sleepless nights as the dogs keep on barking till late.  However, no action has been taken yet.

Hakam Singh, a resident of VIP road said, “When we return to our home at night, dogs chase us. It is more difficult for the ones who ride two-wheeler as he or she is more exposed to the bite. We have written many times to ZMC but to no avail.”

A ZMC official said, “We will start sterilization of the dogs very soon. However, he admitted that no sterilization have been done till date. We had no staff or budget for the same.”

Member of Legislative Assembly, NK Sharma said…

“The issue of stray dogs in Zirakpur is big and even I’m scared during morning walk when I see stray dogs in parks. We are going to resolve this issue in the next house meeting and agenda for sterilization as well as catching of dogs will be floated.”

Once the process starts, a sterilized dog’s ear or any other visible part of its body will be pierced for identification.

Reference: The Times Of India

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