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Monday , September 21 2020
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Pet Dog Registration Panchkula

Register Pet Dogs In 30 Days Or Pay The Fine | Panchkula MC

Panchkula MC has issued a public notice for all pet owners in the district to register their pets within 30 days, under the registration of pet dogs act.

Rajesh Jogpal, the municipal commissioner said that the registrations would be done as per section 311 of Municipal Corporation Act 1994.

How to register your pet dog?

The pet owners will need to fill an application form for registration. Pet owners can get the form directly from pet hospital in sector 3, Panchkula or download it online.

The form needs to be submitted at the MC office, sector 14 with a lifetime fee of Rs. 500 per pet. The municipal commissioner also said that the application requires the name of the pet dog, color, any identification marks, sex, breed, age, immunization record and two photographs of the dog. The pet owners need to provide address proof as well.

The pet dog owners will have to provide annual vaccination certificate regarding “No-Rabies” in the MC office every year.

The Municipal Corporation of Panchkula will issue registration number and provide a metal badge to the dog with its registration number engraved on it. The pet dog owners will need to ensure that their dogs wear their badges on their collars.

Mr. Jogpal has strongly advised everyone to get the registration done before the deadline or else they will have to pay a fine.

“Anyone found keeping a pet dog without registration would be challaned as per the rules. An additional fine will be imposed on the defaulters.”

You can download the form here!


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