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Thursday , July 18 2024
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Stray dogs in Chandigarh

Chandigarh Parks Become Homes For Stray Dogs

Chandigarh parks have become homes for many stray dogs. More than four public parks of Sector 8 and the Fragrance garden of sector 36 need urgent attention.

Stray canines have made these public parks their home, so the nearby house owners avoid going to these parks after evening.

What local residents say?

According to local residents,

“The garbage from these parks is not collected for days. Stray dogs feed on this waste and terrorize the park visitors. They have even injured many people. “

They even said that the parks are too dirty.

“The trimmed grass is not picked up for days. The blades flow into the drain and choke it. The visitors have to sit on the park floor, amid stench. Heaps of dry leaves and trimmed grass are a common sight at these parks.

The residents demanded urgent maintenance of the parks.

Ravi Mahajan, a nearby resident, said,

“If a park is made for residents, it should have at least basic seating space and play area for children. Instead, our park has stray dogs and garbage piles while the residents and children stay away.”

Municipal Corporation should frequently keep a check on stray dog menace and timely lift garbage from the park.

The authorities should take this concern on the serious note before dog bite cases rise further in the city.

Reference: The Times Of India

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