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Top Dog Breeds That Can Handle Indian Summer

Top Dog Breeds That Can Handle Indian Summer

When it comes to dog breeds capable of handling the Indian summer in its various undesirable avatars, the first name that comes to mind is that of the Indian Pariah. It should not come as a surprise. Because they are born and spend their entire lives in this country.

These dogs are the perfect example of the saying – survival of the fittest. Not every street dog you find in India is a Pariah. Other dog owners have avoided this particular type for so many years when it comes to breeding, and this is why they are far healthier than all other dog breeds you find in India.

10 Best Dog Breeds For Indian Climate

1. Indian Pariah DogIndian Pariah Dog Cute

The Indian Pariah Dog was born and reared according to the Indian climate and is probably the best choice. They need very little maintenance and a healthy diet is all that is needed to keep them healthy.

2. Indian SpitzIndian Spitz

The Indian Spitz dogs became famous after the movie Hum Aapke Hain Kaun. Thanks to the canine character named Tuffy. As was shown in the Bollywood movie, members of this breed are indeed more intelligent than most other breeds.

In fact, they can understand human intentions at times. Since they can learn fast, they are often known as trick dogs. So, if you have an Indian Spitz, you can always teach them to perform a cool trick that could wow the internet community.

3. Pug5 Things You Should Know About Getting a Pug Dog8


In India, pugs are also known as Vodafone or Hutch dogs, considering how often they were featured in ads when the brand was in its infancy in the South Asian country. It is a small breed. In fact, among all the dog breeds suitable for the Indian climate, they are the tiniest.

Pugs originated in China and are ideal for smaller homes, considering the little space that they need. This breed is usually friendly, confident in themselves, and cheerful. However, they tend to be stubborn at times as well. Pugs are immensely adorable thanks to their size and ability to be compatible with kids.

4. DachshundDachshund

Dachshund is yet another small dog breed. But, never let the lack of size fool you, given how aggressive these dogs are, especially towards strangers. Their way of greeting people is barking a lot.

This behavior can be interpreted as a means of alerting people who may have entered their territory. Bred to be hunters, these dogs can kill and hunt smaller rodents, rats, and frogs. They can do the same to pigeons as well.

5. BeagleBeagles

Bred to be hunters, beagles are good at picking up scents. Thanks to their hunting instinct, they are not as obedient as you would like them to be. It means you should never let them off the leash.

Beagles are a good choice for families where you have kids. These dogs are pretty cheerful and tolerant as individuals. At the same time, they tend to be curious too. This breed needs moderate activity outdoors. Never let them loose without any fencing.

6. American Pitbull TerrierPitBull_Terrier-American Breed

This breed is banned in several cities across the USA (United States of America) and in countries such as New Zealand and the UK (United Kingdom). American Pitbull Terriers were reared for fighting. Hence, they have this name.

It is a result of such genetic upbringing that they have tremendous jaw strength. These dogs can hang on to your hand or snap it. They are utilized the best as guard dogs. The best way to overcome their aggressive nature is by training them as pups.

7. Labrador RetrieverLabrador Retriever Puppy

They are big, curious, and friendly dogs. It is hard to not love them. It is fishermen from the Labrador Sea that bred them, and perhaps the reason why they love to swim and catch fish as much as they do.

Labrador Retrievers have good stamina along with strong back legs. They can keep running for a long time. You would need a big backyard so that your baby has the space to run around. They need a lot of exercise and swimming is a good option.

8. Golden RetrieverGolden Retriever Puppies

Like their Labrador cousins, Golden Retrievers were reared to bring back birds their owners had shot down. They were brought up to be obedient, athletic, and have soft jaws. As pets, they are highly playful and active. Golden Retrievers are just as good with kids as with small animals such as cats, rodents, and small dogs.

Grooming them could get you into a lot of trouble. Golden Retrievers have long double coats, and they need plenty of grooming. In that sense, they are just like the German Shepherd dogs.

9. Dalmatiandalmatians-sitting

We all know that these dogs have black spots on white coats. We do not know that they have spots all over their body, including inside their mouths. These dogs were reared to guard wagons from bandits. Initially, Dalmatians got trained to attack horses of anyone who came close to their convoy.

Dalmatians are large and sturdy dogs with plenty of stamina and endurance to chase away intruders. They are used as guard dogs apart from being pets. Dalmatians are good with kids. Hence, they find their place in many households.

10. German ShepherdGerman Shepherd Vs. other breeds

German Shepherd have many virtues such as good looks, regal appeal, courage, power, loyal, and intelligence. They retain a lot of qualities of their ancestors – the wolves. For experienced pet parents, German Shepherds are the ideal choice.

If you have never handled a dog earlier, you should not get a member of this breed as your first dog. Handling this breed is a bit tricky. Along with their intelligence, these dogs are disciplined. Apart from them, you can also count Rottweiler and Doberman dogs on this list.

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