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Saturday , October 1 2022
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Indian Pariah Dog

One of our own!

Country of Origin: India

Dog Group: Hound

Origin of Name: The Indian Pariah dog was named so in the British era. It draws its inspiration from the pariah tribe of Tamil Nadu. They were considered an outcast, in the olden times this word had wrong connotations and in some cases was even considered derogatory but not in the canine world.


A bit low

Monthly keeping cost




Tendency to Bark:

Very high

Breed Info

Life Span-13 to 14 years

Availability-Easy to get

About Indian Pariah Dog:
It may come as a surprise to some but these are few of the only pure breeds that originate in India. There has been no human intervention in their breeding process, through any kind of selective breeding.

These homebred or the pure village dogs do need much maintenance and make adorable family pets if you socialize them early. .Urbanisation has given rise to a lot of inter breeding, leading to the rise of many street dogs that you can see around you. Not all of the street dogs that you may see can be called Indian Pariah Dogs.

The Indian dog or the Indian Pariah dog is called by different names; they are called the pye dog, pie dog or the pi dog. These are naturally selected breed in the Indian sub-continent. They are also referred to as in Dog by many dog experts and enthusiasts alike. Whatever name they are called, they are one of the oldest and the smartest breed to belong to the Indian soil.

The origin of this breed is shrouded in history; no one knows as to when this breed came into existence, they have been always present in Indian villages and cities since time immemorial. In fact, historical references show that the Indian Pariah dog has been present in the country since the Neolithic times. No one knows for certain as to when did the domestication of dogs started there has been a growing debate between Asia and China.

They have been a part of numerous mythology stories and they have been a part of various folk tales as well.

The Pariah dogs is one of the healthiest breeds around they are not prone to any specific medical conditions. So getting this breed will keep the vet bills to the minimum as they will be free of all allergies and most skin issues that some pedigree dogs are prone to.


Visits to Groomer-Low



Tolerance to heat-Basks in it

Tolerance to cold-Need warmth

Exercise Requirement-Lots

Hair & Coat

Under Coat-Yes

Colour-Various combinations

Coat Type-Short

Hair Length-Short

Hair Density- Dense


When it comes to health and cares this is one of the healthiest dogs as they have evolved by themselves making them least susceptible to any of the diseases. Though, there can be times when your pet can fall prey to almost any disease. This can happen because of numerous reasons.


Indian Pariah makes excellent family pets and are good with children as well as adults, though they need early socialization with children and family members. This will help them to acclimatize to the other pets or children in the house. If trained properly they can be great pets for children of all age group.

Excellent watch dogs

Abundance of energy

Inquisitive streak

Training & Intelligence
Indian Pariah is one of the most trainable dogs around because of their high intelligence. You just have to identify the temperament of the puppy, there might be some puppies that may be shy to start with and take time to train but remember one thing that every dog will train at its own pace.

Always start with the basic training commands such as stay, sit and down. This is an intelligent breed and learns to adapt quickly. The best way to train them will be with the help of treats; this breed will love to be acknowledged for its behavior.

Litter Size-6 to 9 puppies (approximately)

Complication in Breeding-No

The Indian Pariah dog is a healthy breed and even their breeding does not have many complications attached. An average male and female dog attains sexual maturity anywhere between six to nine months of age. Though, your pet is still very young to breed.

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