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Wednesday , May 24 2023
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Adorable lap dog!

Country of Origin: China

Dog Group: Toy

Origin of Name: The pug name comes from a Latin word Pugnus which means ‘fist’. The named found its way because the dog profile resembled a ‘clenched fist’. They are also known as ‘Mops’ in Germany, ‘Mopshond’ in Holland and ‘Carlin’ in France.


A bit high

Monthly keeping cost




Tendency to Bark:

Very less

Breed Info

Pug Breed Information

Life Span-7 to 8 years

Availability- Very easy to get

About Pugs:

Pugs are famous for their cute expressions and funny personalities, pugs are also known as comedians of the canine world. They are very loving, somewhat intelligent and extremely naughty! For a first time owner, pugs are great and can be easily trained. These dogs love children and love socializing with others. They continually find themselves doing stupid things that will make you laugh out loud for real. They are one of the fastest growing dog breed and loved widely.

The pugs used to be royal dogs and lived with Chinese emperors. Their presence can be traced back to Han Dynasty (B.C. 206 to A.D. 200). They are accustomed to live a luxurious life. In old times, they were prized possessions of the emperor and often guarded by soldiers. Queen Victoria was fascinated with this breed and it became quite popular in the United Kingdom. In India, this breed got its popularity after an ad campaign by a telecom industry that made this breed their brand icon. The demand for this breed shot up instantly causing bad breeding practices all over the country which in turn has caused an overpopulation issue for this breed in the country.

Pugs can’t handle hot weather or too much humid environment. As they are a royalty breed, they need higher care. They often tend to get breathing problems. They have short coats and shed heavily. They tend to snort and snore as well, which make them quite similar to humans. They don’t bark much but often get out-of-breath. They love food but have the tendency to get fat pretty quickly. Regular exercise is recommended. They are not guard dogs; they are a toy breed and a perfect lap dog.


Grooming – Medium attention required

Drooling – No

Bath – Rare

Climate adaptability – Can’t handle too hot or humid environment. Loves cold weather

Exercise Requirement – Regular but not too much!

Hair & Coat

Under Coat – Yes

Top Coat – Yes

Color - Fawn/Black

Coat Type – Short

Hair Length – Short to medium

Hair Density – Dense


Pugs were used to be a healthy breed, but due to immense popularity and overbreeding, they have become prone to plenty of health disorders.

infections and rashes
progressive retinal atrophy
Cheyletiella Dermatitis
Nerve degeneration
Congenital heart diseases
Corneal ulcers
Dry eye
Staph infection
Hip dysplasia
Legg-Perthes Disease
Patellar Luxation


Pugs are extremely friendly, home dogs that are excellent with kids. They are perfect dogs for apartment owners as they don’t need heavy exercise. They are extremely funny and can end up in hilarious situations. They love humans and crave human attention and love. They can be easily socialized and less temperamental.

Training & Intelligence
You have to be patient while training pugs. They have an easy temperament and crave recognition from their masters. They can be trained easily with a reward technique. They can do anything for treats! Early socialization is important for an all-round growth of the pug.

They are quite intelligent and can be goof balls at certain times. They love to please their owners and love to be around humans. They suffer from separation anxiety very deeply, so you may have to train them for it as well.

They can give birth to 2 - 4 puppies (approx.)

Complication in Breeding – Yes (Vet assistance required)

Pugs similar to most breeds get sexually matured at around 6-9 months. This is not the right breeding age for them though! You need to wait at least 2 years before they are ready to procreate. On an average they give birth to 3 puppies at a time. Take assistance from your veterinarian if you are breeding dogs for the first time.

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