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Thursday , April 18 2024
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Pit Bull Terrier

The American Pit Bull Terrier is a companion and family dog breed!

Country of Origin: England

Dog Group: Terrier

Origin of Name: The Pitbull draws its name from the sport for which they were used. Pit bull breed was used to fight bulls and bears in a pit. A Favorite in Middle ages England, this gave them their name, ‘Pit’ from where the sport used to be played and bull comes from the opponents that this feisty breed used to fight.



Monthly keeping cost

Rs. 80,000
Rs. 9,000



Tendency to Bark:


Breed Info

Life Span-11 to 12 years
Getting a puppy home - Expensive
Availability - Rare
Pit bull Price in India - 9,000 INR to 80,000 INR
About Pitbull:
Pit bull is an affectionate breed weighing around 10-35kgs and is medium in size. Pit bull breed widely misunderstood as being terrifying is probably one of the most affectionate breeds out there. It’s a stubborn attitude coupled with its loyalty often makes it a favorite among families that need a breed that would both protect them and love them. American Pit Bull terrier is a pure breed and its life span is about 10-14 years.


Visits to Groomer-Low
Tolerance to heat-Get a heatstroke
Tolerance to cold-Need warmth
Exercise Requirement- Little
The coat of the American Pit Bull terrier needs to be brushed at least once every week. The brush should be either have soft or medium bristles. Brushing has a lot of benefits such as getting rid of dead skin cells and reducing hair fall. Brushing needs to be done carefully and sensitive areas need to be looked at carefully. One can also use a wet wipe to get rid of the dirt on the coat of the breed.

Hair & Coat

Under Coat-No
Colour-Solid Blue/Solid Tan/Brown with White
Coat Type-Short
Hair Density-Sparse


There are some health issues which this breed is prone to even though it has a good skeleton structure. One of the diseases that this breed is most prone to is Hip Dysplasia. It happens because the joint between the hip and the legs isn’t functioning smoothly. It is a pretty painful condition for the pet and can result in limpness. The cure for this disease is surgery but it can be prevented by managing the weight of the terrier.
Gastric Dilatation
Hip Dysplasia


Training & Intelligence
Pitbull is trainable, if you are getting a puppy it is advisable to check for the lineage of the parents before you get one home. If it shows parents with traits of being reared for a fight then your pup may not be the pet, which you want. This is an intelligent breed but always remember that harsh training will never yield results for you. One has to be sensitive to the issue and maintain patience when providing training to your dog. The other thing is that your Pitbull will need training all through his or her life. Unlike other breeds the training does not end here, it will continue all through life.
Pitbull was developed for fighting so be prepared to handle a temperamental dog right from the beginning. The behavioral traits of this breed demand this from him or her. The aggression is present in many lines of Pitbull even today and if you have cats and dogs in the house then this may not be the ideal breed for you as it may have a go at it anytime. Your Pitbull needs to be socialized early in life. If they are isolated for long times they can become aggressive towards any newcomers. They need regular exercise so if you can devote time for regular runs or jog then this is the breed for you.

Breeding Litter Size-5 to 7 puppies (approximately)
Complication in Breeding-No
Breeding or mating your Pitbull is not much trouble at all. They are generally a healthy breed and other than the lineages that show aggression can be considered good pets. The average litter size for your Pitbull is around five to eight puppies on an average. An average male and female Pitbull attains sexual maturity anywhere between six to nine months of age. Though you puppy is still very young to breed now.

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