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Thursday , June 20 2024
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Best Home Remedies for Combating Mange in Dogs

The best way to help your dog fight mange is by improving their immunity. You may think that your dog caught sarcoptic mange by fluke, just because it was in the wrong place at the wrong time.

If your dog has a weak immune system, it becomes easy for the parasites that cause mange to infect them. In that case, all they need is for the mites to get control of their bodies and start doing their work.

You can be sure that if your dog is healthy in the truest sense of the word – one with strong immunity – it would be able to offer much resistance to parasitic infections.

Doctors say that providing support to the immune system is perhaps the most significant factor in the fight against the disease. For that, you may have to feed them things such as DMG (dimethylglycine) and mushrooms. You should also include vitamins such as C, A, and D in the dog’s diet.

The likes of homeopathy and herbs such as Golden Seal and Echinacea could prove to be effective. Treating your dog for mange is not an easy process, and its most fundamental reason is the failure of their immune system to repel those parasitic attacks.

Mange in dogs
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7 Ways To Fight Mange In Dogs

#1 Get them on a healthy diet 

A diet made of raw meat and whole food is good for the gut biome of your dog. In much the same way, it is good for the microbiome of their skins. It helps replenish the beneficial bacteria in their system and makes their immunity system strong than it otherwise would have been.

It is essential to include both probiotics and prebiotics in their regular diet. Choice of food is a vital factor because the dietary changes work and act as fresh food from which they get the necessary enzymes for their bodies.

#2 Use safe ingredients to bathe your dog 

Most of the shampoos and soaps used for dogs are excessively harsh when your baby suffers from mange. After all, their skin is already irritated at that time, and they can do without more of that.

Please stay away from the medicated shampoos that can irritate the raw skin that your dog has when they have mange. You might also not want to suppress the disease because that can only worsen the mite problem.

#3 Using anti-parasitic oil blends and herbs 

If your dog is indeed suffering from sarcoptic mange, it is better to go for anti-parasitic remedies. The first name among these is Barbados nut oil, which kills insects, fungi, and parasites.

You can also try neem oil blended with essential oils such as geranium and Palmarosa. This particular combination has the same effect as the Barbados nut oil. You can also try an infusion of neem oil and turmeric.   

#4 Using natural treatment for mange

You can always try the likes of Mite Avenge to combat both kinds of mange. It helps that this particular product does not contain any harmful chemicals. It has a list of ingredients that includes names such as the following:

  • essential oils
  • styrax benzoin
  • vitamin E
  • sea kelp
  • dihydrogen dioxide
  • disodium tetraborate

The term disodium tetraborate stands for borax that has been blended with other ingredients so that you can get the best possible results from the same.

Usually, the company that makes Mite Avenge provides instructions in great detail. Hence, the right choice of products can help combat 2 types of mange. 

Source: Wikipedia

#5 Using Quercetin 

Quercetin is found in lots of vegetables and fruits. Its primary benefit is that it has plenty of characteristics that will help your dog deal with conditions such as histamine and inflammation.

It also helps in the suppression of cellular activity that is related to inflammation. It means that your baby does not have to itch a lot. Many people refer to it as the Benadryl of nature! Of course, there are no such side effects of consuming the medicine. 

#6 Using natural antibiotics  

Is your dog suffering from skin infections related to mange? In that case, you could always try some natural antibiotics such as an olive leaf, plantain, oregano oil, and calendula.  

#7 Decontaminating your home 

Is your dog suffering from sarcoptic mange? If so, you would need to decontaminate the entire home to avoid the spread of mites. To accomplish the task, you have to start washing the dog beds, clothes, and even towels of your dogs in the hottest water possible.

Use borax with this as well. When you dry them, you should use the highest possible heat too. Vacuum clean the likes of floors, upholstery, and rugs, and do so with full vigor.

If you can, steam them and add borax to the solution. Change the vacuum bags outside. Are you using a machine without a bag? Add salt to the collection cup to shred the mites to bits.

Always empty and wash the cup outside your home. If you are washing bare floors, always use borax and hot water. You must also apply diatomaceous earth to any location where mites may have made a nest in your home. It includes spots such as the following:

  • vehicles
  • kennels
  • rugs
  • floorboards
  • baseboards
  • furniture
  • mattresses

Such earth would dehydrate the exoskeletons of parasites such as mites and insects. It would cause them to die. If you can, bag soft items and rugs and seal them. Store them in a place for a few weeks.

It would kill the mites as well. You could do this for your furniture if possible as well. If in doubt, take off the clothes you used for decontaminating your home and wash them. You can be sure that you would start to see the positive effects of these steps within a few weeks of starting them.

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