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Monday , October 26 2020
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6 Home Remedies to Strengthen Your Dog’s Immune System

Guest post!

As a fur parent to our lovely dog, we absolutely hate to see them feeling ill. We always want to see them playing and running around, have the energy to really enjoy their lives.

But the only way they can do that is when they are healthy. So in today’s article, I will be sharing with you some home remedies to boost your puppy’s immune system so that she can stay healthy, happy and keep being the lovable pet that you always want them to be.

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Home remedies that will help boost your dog’s immune system

1. Keep Your Dog Active

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Exercise is very important, not only for us humans but as well as for our furry friend. Excessive body fat will only lead to secretion of hormones that can increase inflammation; as a result, your dog’s probability of developing an illness will increase too. Working out will help burn fat and at the same time prevent your dog from getting obese, which is a big factor that paves way for several other diseases.

So make sure that you are always taking your dog for regular walks and encourage her to play. If he is still young and able, try to engage him into some dog sports such as agility which is an excellent way to keep your dog fit by strengthening her muscles and at the same time provide mental simulation.

2. Choose the right diet

Healthy food for dog

Of course, a nutritious diet could serve as a good foundation of a healthy body as well as an active and strong immune system. Unfortunately, there are already a lot of commercial foods that contain artificial preservatives, fillers, and grains – take note these don’t contribute to the good health of your dog.

Though dogs have a stronger tolerance for bad foods since they belong to scavenger species, this doesn’t mean that we can just feed them whatever it is available and expect that they will always be just fine.

I strongly discourage every fur parents to simply give their dogs table scraps or foods that people eat. According to Everything For Our Pets, I suggest that you spend just a few minutes to making a nice, healthy and balanced meal for your dog.

Her diet should be composed of natural ingredients and should also be rich in essential nutrients. Make sure you are not feeding her anything that contains fillers like wheat gluten and corn. I suggest you opt for healthy foods for dogs with high fiber and protein content but with lower carbohydrate and fat content.

Though you can squeeze in “people foods” to her diet like foods with antioxidant properties like broccoli, apples, beans, berries as well as herbs like parsley or turmeric; this will make good additions to your dog’s meals.

3. Add dietary supplement to her diet

It is important to use a supplement to boost your dog’s immune system and contribute to overall health concerns. Most veterinarians recommend to stick with the tried and tested basics, such as:

  • Omega 3 Fatty Acids. Like the ones you can find in high-quality fish oil supplements, this is important since they reduce the body’s inflammatory response. In addition to improving the immune system of your dog, these essential omega 3 oil for dogs can also improve your their skin and coat health.
  • Curcumin. This is an active ingredient that can be found in turmeric. It contains possible cancer-fighting properties and contains anti-inflammatory properties too.
  • Vitamin E.  It plays an essential part not only to the immune health of your dog but as well as her cardiac health. Moreover, it improves the skin, eyes and muscle health. Vitamin E definitely shows no shortage of benefits.
  • Vitamin C. Though this is naturally produced by our fur baby, so supplementation is often not necessary. However, your dog might be caught with a certain medical condition, like glaucoma, kennel cough and other infections which can benefit from Vitamin C being added to her meal.

4. Promote a healthy gut

According to scientists, at least 70% of the immune system can be found in the gut so it only makes sense to maintain a healthy digestive tract. So regularly monitor your dog’s appetite as well as her bowel movements. Make sure that her intestines are free from parasites by doing proper prevention, routine fecal check-up and deworming if necessary.

Adding probiotics to your dog’s diet is also an amazing way to maintain her intestinal health and is more likely the most significant supplement of all her immune health. This is because probiotics are packed with a wallop of “helper” bacteria that can kill dangerous pathogens in the intestine, plus it help promote good digestion and overall health.

Plan and unsweetened yogurt is an excellent source of probiotics for dogs. It is absolutely healthy to give your furry companions some yogurt so they can reap the countless gastrointestinal health benefits, just make sure that there are no sugar additives in it. If your pet is lactose intolerant, just feed her live, active cultures – they are just as healthy.

5. Minimize your dog’s stress

How to boost dog's immune system?

Stress and anxiety are among the biggest factors that reduce your dog’s ability to keep the disease at bay. Minimizing the number of stress hormones in your dog’s body by promoting relaxation can significantly improve her overall health.

So make sure you always look out for signs of stress and anxiety. Every dog has different stress triggers. For instance, if your pet has separation anxiety, try to make sure that will not be leaving them alone in your home for too long. Or probably the noises and visitors stress them out. In this case, allow them to stay in an area just for them, you can play them some soothing music too.

There are so many ways to reduce your dog’s stress, it can be as easy as giving her plenty of exercises and a regular schedule. Those dogs with higher anxiety levels may benefit from natural supplements aimed at reducing stress.

If you see your pet under distress, giving her medication can also be a good idea; but make sure you get professional advice first before you use any chemical medicine or else you might make your dog drug-dependent, which is very dangerous.

6. Get rid of the factor that contributes to a weakened immune system

Unfortunately, our dogs are always being exposed to a lot of environmental toxins, these are commonly found in cigarette smoke, car exhaust fumes, pesticides and even in those home preventive treatments against parasites.

Get rid of these factors by avoiding the use of these products. You can look for natural or organic alternatives instead to help improve your dog’s immune system such as homemade pesticides for your garden or essential oil-based preventatives for tick and flea.

Moreover, make sure that your dog is also maintaining optimum hygiene and cleanliness. You can do this by keeping your environment clean and reducing the bacteria that surrounds your dog. Wash your dog’s bedding and utensils on a regular basis, make sure your dog is also getting a bath at regular intervals and she has access to clean and fresh drinking water.

Final Thought

Sometimes, all it takes are small lifestyle changes to make the difference between a healthy and a sick pet. Keeping a good diet, regularly working out and reducing stress are just some of the very easy ways to make sure your dog’s immune system as its best.

I hope these six home remedies I’ve mentioned above will help you have a happier and healthier pet.

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