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Tips to Help a Rescued Dog Adjust to a New Home

Tips to Help a Rescued Dog Adjust to a New Home

Is your rescued dog having a hard time adjusting to your home? You can help! Dogs are sensitive and intelligent creatures who need more than your love and care to adjust to a new home. After you adopt or rescue a dog, you need to do some careful planning and …

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How To Help Your Dog Gain Weight?

How to help dog gain weight

Is your dog underweight or losing weight? There might be many reasons behind dogs losing weight. The most common reasons include depression, anxiety, genetic conditions, digestive disorders, etc. Without identifying the cause of weight loss, many pet dog owners start feeding their pets in excess to make them gain weight. …

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Meghan Markle And Prince Harry Adopted A New Puppy

British royal family

Newlyweds couple, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle reportedly welcomed a new puppy into their British royal family. According to People magazine, Harry and Meghan got a Labrador puppy. The new pup has been traveling with them during trips to the countryside. However, no picture has been released of the pup …

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