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Animal Activists Travel 150 km to Rescue Dog from Borewell

Seeing an animal in distress may tug at your heartstrings, but very few go out of their comfort zone to pull them out of misery. In one such case, a team of five animal activists from Animal Warriors Conservation Society (AWCS) traveled over 150 km from Hyderabad to Narayan Thanda in Warangal, to rescue a dog on Monday morning.

After receiving a call from the villagers around 11.30 PM about a dog that fell into a 70-feet deep open well, the team immediately hired a vehicle in Hyderabad and set off to rescue the dog the same night.

“Our focus at that time was to save the dog. Since we do not have our own rescue vehicle, we decided to hire a car and start immediately. Once we reached, we waited until dawn and set in motion the rescue operation,” said Pradeep Nair of AWCS.

“Once we located the dog, one of our team members had to go into the well using the safety equipment and bring the dog to safety. It was a huge open agricultural well and the dog wouldn’t have survived if the villagers did not raise an alarm,” said Nair.

The team released the dog back in the village before returning to the city. Apart from Pradeep, the team members include Sanjeev Varma, Amarnadh, Raghav, Anthony Prabhu, and Messi.

Known for carrying out some of the most technically challenging rescues, AWCS is a 14-year-old organization working for animal welfare.

The non-profit organization recently started an online fundraising campaign on Milaap to procure better safety equipment and to buy a rescue vehicle so that they don’t have to hire private vehicles, which is tough to afford on a regular basis.

Source: The Times Of India

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