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What’s Your Pet Dog’s Body Type According To Ayurveda?

Pet Dog's Body Type According To Ayurveda

Ayurveda in India is known as the “Science of life.” The word “Ayur” in Sanskrit is known as “Life” and “Veda” as “Science.” It is arguably the oldest natural medication system that originated around 6000 B.C. While Ayurveda is gaining quite popularity among humans around the world, people have started ...

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How To Make Your Dog Happy?

Happy Dog

The key to your dog’s happiness is spending time with them and providing them with a healthy lifestyle. Add these daily activities to your routine to make and keep your dog happy. Daily Grooming Regular brushing not only makes your pooch look good, it also helps prevent skin allergies and ...

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6 Facts About German Shepherd Dog

7 Facts About German Shepherd Dog

German Shepherds are known as one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They are known for their appearance, intelligence, and skill.  But there are few facts about German shepherd dogs that you might not know. Interesting Facts about German Shepherds! #Fact 1: Father of German Shepherd Dog ...

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Three Men Rescue Pet Dog from Leopard in Pune

Three Men Rescue Pet Dog from Leopard in Pune

A 60-year-old physically challenged farmer and two others from his family risked their own lives to rescue their pet dog, a Dobermann, from the jaws of a leopard at Kandali village, about 6km from Narayangaon in Junnar taluka. The incident occurred at around 5.15 am on Saturday. Ashok Bhade, who ...

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