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How To Help Strays Animals During Monsoon?

How To Help Strays Animals During Monsoon

Monsoon is the season of colorful umbrellas and is linked with a happy-go-lucky feeling. Lucky ones, like most of us, have a roof over our heads. However, India has millions of street dogs who have no option but to get doused in the rain, thus usually falling sick and catching ...

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5 Ways To Help Stray Dogs In Your Neighborhood

Help Stray Dogs

Guest post! Be it through buying a dog, adopting one from the shelter, or taking care of the neighborhood stray, there are many ways dog lovers can cherish and care for dogs. Because not everybody can take a pet home and for many different reasons, the third way (taking care ...

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How An NGO helped stray dogs during COVID-19

How An NGO helped stray dogs during COVID-19

Animal lover Arpit Mathur recently witnessed a starving dog on the streets of West Delhi. He has been working with the Robin Hood Army, took to feeding the canines on the street. As per the interview, Arpit said, “I took the initiative to take care of my locality strays when ...

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2 Dogs Die In An NGO Centre In Mumbai

Recently, two half-decomposed carcasses of stray dogs were found at a centre run dog sterilization unit in Vasai. A group of animal lovers that visited the NGO also recorded a video of the pathetic condition of the dogs in the center. They alleged that the dogs starved to death as ...

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Foreigners Adopted Stray Dogs From India

Foreginers adopted stray dogs from India

Leo, Raja and Rani- three stray dogs from the city will be heading for Germany on Monday. Courtesy, Marie Rossier, a Hamburg-based lawyer and her sister Diane. Both of them have adopted the stray dogs from India. Marie and Diane were in the city on Sunday for completing the paperwork ...

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IIT Students Come Forward To Help Stray Dogs

Stray dogs

A group of students from IIT-M have taken responsibility of sterilizing stray dogs in the campus due to the recent wildlife deaths in the IIT-Madras campus. The group calls itself – Friends of Animals, and is helping the institute implement the animal birth control (ABC) programme which will target sterilization ...

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