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Thursday , April 18 2024
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2 Dogs Die In An NGO Centre In Mumbai

Recently, two half-decomposed carcasses of stray dogs were found at a centre run dog sterilization unit in Vasai. A group of animal lovers that visited the NGO also recorded a video of the pathetic condition of the dogs in the center. They alleged that the dogs starved to death as the people running the unit were on leaves during Diwali festival.

Complaint filed

The video shows badly decomposed carcasses of the two dogs and many other dogs caged in terrible condition. The animal welfare activists have submitted an application at the Manickpur police station. The carcasses of the two stray dogs were sent to an animal hospital in Parel for an autopsy today.

An official case will be filed after the autopsy reports are available.

What happened?

The matter came to light when an animal lover went to the NGO unit location to look for her stray dog. She shot a video about the dogs inside and uploaded it over social media where it went viral.

Many angry animal lovers visited the Vasai centre on Friday to protest. Reena Richards, a lawyer alleged that the staff were on Diwali vacation and the dogs died due to starvation. However, the General secretary of the NGO, Dasagasu Londhe said that 4 dogs died last week, out of which 3 died due to rabies and 1 due to distemper. He ensured that no dog died due to starvation but the disposal of the dead bodies was delayed to Diwali holidays.

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