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How An NGO helped stray dogs during COVID-19

How An NGO helped stray dogs during COVID-19

Animal lover Arpit Mathur recently witnessed a starving dog on the streets of West Delhi. He has been working with the Robin Hood Army, took to feeding the canines on the street.

As per the interview, Arpit said, “I took the initiative to take care of my locality strays when one day I came across a dog lying down on the footpath, and he was skinny and starving. I bought some milk and bread to feed him, and from there, my journey began”.

Soon, several other volunteers joined him who fed these dogs and decided to start NGO Perroayuda Welfare Foundation (PWF) in 2019. It was officially registered in 2020.

The meaning of the name Perroayuda is a portmanteau of two Spanish words: ‘Perro,’ which also means dog. Ayuda translates to help.

The name rightly represents the work they do. They help stray animals in every possible way- from rescuing to providing them with treatment to adoption. The team is spending relentless nights on the streets trying to save and aide dogs.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, over 111 active volunteers continued to feed the local strays. On average, they have fed over 900 strays throughout Delhi-NCR and in a few parts of Ghaziabad. Because of the lockdown, the volunteers feed stray dogs and other animals in their locality.

Perroayuda, an NGO for dog welfare

Perroayuda Welfare Foundation is a youth-based organization. Most of the teams are within the age group of 20-25. The volunteers work under different departments, and in fact, the board of directors is of the same age group.

The main objective of the NGO is to lend a helping hand to stray animals and wherever one finds them. They need to provide them with medical treatments, love, care, food, and organize fun feeding drives for adoption and awareness.

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