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Wednesday , July 24 2024
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9 Common Mistakes Dog Owners Make

The Biggest Mistakes That Dog Owners Make

We all love dogs, but owning a furry baby comes with a set of responsibilities that can be overwhelming for some owners. We tend to make some common mistakes. One of the major mistakes you can make as a dog owner is getting the wrong dog. Even getting a dog …

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Do Broken Dog Teeth Have To Be Removed?

Broken dog teeth

No, you don’t have to remove broken teeth. According to K9 Rocks, veterinarians can perform Root Canal Therapy which has a success rate of 95%. Or you can do Vital Pulpotomy which has a success rate of 75%. Sometimes, pets get hit by cars and this can cause them to …

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11 Reasons Behind Your Dog Shivering

11 Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Shivering

Have you ever been worried after seeing your dog shiver continuously and not be able to find out the reason behind it? We’re gonna help you figure out the reasons behind your dog’s shivering. Why do dogs shiver? Shivering is not normal behavior for dogs. If the shivering happens non-stop …

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Types of Dog Food – 8 Best Dog Food Brands in India

Types Of Dog Food And Which Brands Are Best In India

As the Indian middle class becomes more affluent, more Indian homes are welcoming pets. Unsurprisingly, dogs are among the most popular kind of pets and first-time dog owners have a lot of questions about what food to feed their four-legged companions. As with humans, consistent intake of key nutrients is …

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How To Take Care Of Your Senior Dog?

Senior dog

Most of the time it has been seen that senior dogs get overlooked at rescue shelters because either they are old or do not look cute enough. Often senior dogs are the ones who have a lot of love to give. They might not be highly energetic, but they make …

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Tips To Keep Your Dog Happy While Alone

Keep Your Dog Happy

Guest post! As the adage goes, “dog is man’s best friend. “It is, therefore, understandable for you to be anxious about leaving your furry four-legged companion alone when you go to work. So how can you ensure that both you and your pup remain at ease and happy when you …

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