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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Types Of Dog Food And Which Brands Are Best In India

Types of Dog Food – 8 Best Dog Food Brands in India

As the Indian middle class becomes more affluent, more Indian homes are welcoming pets. Unsurprisingly, dogs are among the most popular kind of pets and first-time dog owners have a lot of questions about what food to feed their four-legged companions. As with humans, consistent intake of key nutrients is critical for dog growth and overall well-being.

A nutritious diet can aid in preserving the natural softness of their furry coat and keeping them free of illnesses and ailments while also promoting physical fitness and activity.

Numerous corporations have developed their own pet food products to cater to the interests of dog owners. While the majority of these businesses claim to sell nutritionally balanced products, not all of them adhere to the needed quality requirements.

But before getting into brands of foods it is imperative to provide some information on the types of dog foods available in the market.

There is a diverse selection of dog food products available for both domesticated and stray dogs. For the sake of convenience, we can classify them as follows:

dog eating food

7 Types of Dog Food – How to pick the best one?

#1 Wet Dog Food

Wet dog food has a mushy consistency and an appealing fragrance for dogs. In general, the mix is better suited to pups (who are notoriously picky eaters) than dry dog food or kibble.

Dehydration is a possibility in dogs, however, the natural water content of wet dog food compensates for this. Additionally, this type of dog food is less processed than others, resulting in a higher concentration of nutrients in their natural state.

#2 Canned Dog Food

By weight, canned dog food is primarily composed of water. This enables dogs to consume higher quantity quantities of food without jeopardizing their health. Generally, dogs prefer canned dog food to kibble.

This type of dog food, on the other hand, is not always freshly produced and may contain a high concentration of preservatives.

#3 Semi-Moist Dog Food

Due to the fact that semi-moist dog food contains around 60%–65% water by weight, it is more expensive than dry dog food. It preserves the benefits of wet dog food – it is more hydrated and simpler to digest than drier forms of dog food.

However, this type of dog food has more preservatives and salts, and sugars, which may make it unsuitable for some dogs.

Health Problems Developed Due To Dog Food

#4 Dog Biscuits

Dog biscuits are a treat that can be added to the dog’s diet. They have a rough texture, which exercises the dog’s jaws and promotes good dental hygiene in dogs.

These biscuits are often regarded as a form of dog snack food. Dog biscuits are sold by a variety of manufacturers in India. It is a relatively dry component of the dog’s diet.

#5 Dry Dog Food

Kibble is another term for dry dog food. It is available in an array of shapes and sizes. Today, dogs most frequently utilize and consume this type of dog food.

This is simple to feed dogs because owners may regulate the quantity sizes based on the dog’s nutritional requirements.

While this sort of dog food may cause dehydration if the dog’s water consumption is restricted, it does offer the dog adequate nutrients (carbohydrates, proteins, and fibre). Dogs chew dry kibble, which is better for their dental health than wet kibble.

#6 Food for Puppies

Puppy food is specially formulated for developing puppies. Puppies should be fed puppy food rather than adult dog food. The fact that the puppy is still developing plays a vital role in determining the puppy’s food ingredients. This puppy meal provides 22.5 percent protein, compared to approximately 18 percent protein in adult dog food.

balanced food for your dog

#7 Vegetarian Dog Food

This is an option to consider when selecting a diet for your dog. Many Indians are vegetarians, which means they may have reservations about feeding their dogs meat.

Fortunately, it is also feasible to feed a dog a vegetarian or vegan diet. Additionally, many dogs suffer from sensitivities to meat, such as fleas or rashes. This issue can be resolved by feeding the dog a vegetarian diet.

However, it should be borne in mind that a dog’s natural diet includes meat, which means that switching to a vegetarian diet may result in a deficiency of protein or other vital elements.

You Can Read More About Dog Food @ https://www.reportsanddata.com/report-detail/dog-food-market

India’s Top Dog Food Brands – 8 Best Dog Food Brands

The Indian dog food market is expanding and accounts for a considerable portion of the global dog food market which according to Reports and Data will amount to USD 69.96 billion by 2028 registering a CAGR of 17.91%. some of the most reliable and renowned dog food brands in India include the following:

#1 Meat Up

Meat Up
PC: Meat Up

In India, this is a well-known brand. Their dog food is nutritious and highly pleasant to dogs.

#2 Pedigree

PC: Pedigree

This brand is well-known both in India and internationally. It is significantly more expensive, but remains within the budget range. The meal is highly pleasant to dogs and also quite nutritious.

#3 Purepet

PC: Purepet

This brand has become well-known as a maker of puppy food.

#4 Royal Canin

Royal Canin
PC: Royal Canin

Although this brand is fairly popular, many critics believe it is of inferior quality. However, it is incredibly pleasant for dogs and rather inexpensive.

#5 Orijen

PC: Orijen

The brand exudes luxury and is India’s most opulent and prestigious brand. However, it is the most expensive.

#6 Taste of the Wild

Taste of the Wild
PC: Taste of the Wild

This brand is well-known for its innovative dog food formulations that are not limited to the usual meat and grain ratio.

#7 Drool

PC: Drool

This brand’s calcium supplements are widely regarded as highly effective.

#8 Chappi

PC: Chappi

The most affordable brand of dog food in India, it is also of high quality. However, it is mild and may require numerous servings for your dog.

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