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Thursday , November 26 2020
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7 Reasons Behind Your Dog’s Shivering

Have you ever been worried after seeing your dog shiver continuously and not able to find out the reason behind it? We’re gonna help you figure out the reasons behind your dog’s shivering.

1. GTS (Generalized Tremor Syndrome) or a disease like Distemper.

Dog shiver

Generalized tremor syndrome was first noticed in small white dogs like Maltese. However, the reason behind this syndrome is quite a mystery till date. It usually start with pups between 9 months – 2 years. Veterinarians generally prescribe a corticosteroid to treat this syndrome. With proper medication, improvement can be seen in a week. But a disease like distemper which is caused by a virus, especially in young puppies who haven’t got vaccinations, could be fatal. Symptoms of distemper disease include:

  • Discharge from eyes and nose
  • High fever and uncontrollable shivering
  • Coughing

Consult your vet immediately, if you see these symptoms in your puppy!

2. Your pooch is feeling cold

dog shievering from cold

This is the most common reason behind your dog’s shivering. We generally assume that due to their fur coat, they can stand cold weather. However, this isn’t completely true. You dog does feel cold and shivering is a response to that. Puppies are the ones who feel cold the most as their natural insulation is still in developing stage.

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3. Shivering out of fear/feeling scared


Dog’s also shiver when they feel threatened and scared. Dogs experience fear due to various reasons; it could be a thunderstorm, fireworks etc. You may have to put some effort in order to find out why or what is making your dog feel scared. After you find out the source, try to protect them from it.

4. Your dog is feeling dizzy or nauseous

dog shivering nausea

Another reason behind your dog’s shivering could be motion sickness. It could also be due to eating something that causes dizziness or nausea. Reactions to certain pet medications can also cause dizziness among the dogs. See for the signs such as excessive drooling or lethargic behavior. This kind of behavior indicate that a dog is feeling nauseated, thus shivering! Check with your vet if the issue persists and get proper treatment for your dog.

5. Feeling excited


Yes, this is another reason that can cause your dog to shiver, but this kind of shivering is good! You can identify this kind of shivering whenever you’re pouring food into your pooch’s bowl or getting ready to take them out for a walk. This is a perfectly normal response to something that excites them. The joy of anticipation that something good is going to happen make them shiver with excitement.

6. Old age/bones getting weaker

old dog shivering - Tony Alterflickr
Tony Alter/ Flickr


As dogs get older, they develop tremors in their hind legs. This is a sign that their bones are getting weaker or they might be experiencing some pain. Consult your veterinarian immediately if you see your senior dog shiver. Start feeding calcium-rich diet to your dog today to keep your dog’s bones stronger.

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7. Food poisoning

dog shivering food poisioning

There are numerous foods that are poisonous for your pooch and can make them shake uncontrollably.

  • Chocolates: They are highly poisonous for your dog.
  • Foods (candies) that contain sugar substitutes such as Xylitol are highly toxic for your dog.

Smoking in presence of your dog can also cause them to shiver. Contact or visit your vet immediately if you think any poisonous food is the reason behind your dog’s shivering.

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