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Thursday , May 19 2022
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The Biggest Mistakes That Dog Owners Make

The Biggest Mistakes That Dog Owners Make

We all love dogs, but owning a furry baby comes with a set of responsibilities that can be overwhelming for some owners. We tend to make some common mistakes.

One of the major mistakes you can make as a dog owner is getting the wrong dog. Even getting a dog before you are ready to adopt one is a mistake in itself. One of the easiest things that you can do is get a dog on impulse.

It can be hard to ignore that puppy with those angelic eyes, especially when looking for a forever home. However, there are practical factors to be considered. First, you need to determine if you can spare the time and effort necessary to train and bond with them.

Not focusing on socialization and training the dog

Every dog needs a certain level and amount of socialization and training. It is just that some need it more than others. However, all of them need it.

If you have decided not to train your dog, you can be sure you are putting them at a disadvantage. How would they know the rules if you do not teach the same to them? You have to look at the kind of guidance and structure you provide to them.

 Not providing the dogs with sufficient activity and exercise 

For every dog out there, exercise is an essential requirement. If your dog is not getting the proper exercise, it may suffer health issues, and its behavior could be problematic. It is for sure that some dog needs more exercise than others.

However, most of them require more than just any normal walk. You have to assess the activities that your dog needs to perform. Is your dog bored? Is it restless? Excited and hyperactive? Are they heavier than they should be? These can be signs that your dog needs a proper workout. 

Not taking them to the veterinarians 

Are you someone who waits until their dog gets sick to take it to a veterinary doctor? If yes, you need not feel alone. There are so many dog owners out there who either put off or skip routine visits to the vet till the time something goes wrong with their babies.

You may be thinking that since your dog is feeling great and healthy, there is no need to take them to the vet and stress them out. They might feel it is inconvenient and costly to take their dogs to visit a vet, not understanding how dangerous it can be for their dogs. 

Skipping prevention of heartworms 

As per the American Heartworm Society, you should get annual prevention for heartworm for your dogs. It is recommended in all the 50 states of the USA (United States of America).

Your vet would tell you the same thing not to make a profit. The main reason, in this case, is the havoc that heartworm can cause to your dog – it can end their life as well.

It happens when your dog’s heart gets infested by a parasite named Dirofilaria immitis. These parasites get transmitted by mosquitoes. Moreover, in the United States, it can happen anywhere. 

Neglecting their dental health

Many people think bad breath is a normal thing in dogs. In medical circles, the condition is referred to as halitosis. If your dog has bad breath, it could be a potential sign they are suffering from dental disease. It could be as simple as the buildup of tartar in their mouth.

However, if you leave the condition unchecked, it could become periodontal disease. It could mean that they lose their teeth. They may suffer systemic diseases like heart diseases and kidney failure. 

Not feeding them appropriately

As far as feeding your pets is concerned, you must know the basics. Please remember that not all dog foods are equal. So, before you buy food for your dog, you should read reviews and check labels.

If need be, talk to dog experts such as vets. You have to feed them the right ingredients. Never overfeed them. Also, be careful with the chews and treats you select for them. 

Not taking their expenses into account

Bringing up a dog would cost you money. In some cases, it would be a lot of money. Hence, you have to make provisions in your budget. It includes costs associated with such pursuits as food, veterinary care, and dog supplies.

Apart from these, you have to consider some additional expenses. For example, you would have to spend money to train them and take them with you when you travel. 

Ignoring behavioral issues 

If you do this, you are letting things get out of your hand. They start as minor issues, but over time they worsen. If you ignore the issues altogether, you allow them the scope to fester and magnify in the process.

In fact, in some cases, you may be reinforcing bad behavior in them, and you may not even know about the same.

For example, if you provide treats to your dog when they are aggressive. Therefore, they would know they are doing the proper thing. 

Not making sure that they are safe from being lost 

Every day people lose dogs around the world. In some cases, they get stolen as well. Make sure that you are taking the steps necessary to ensure their safety. Some of them are rather obvious.

For instance, keep them on a leash. Make sure they are never left unattended. You must know what you need to do if your dog gets lost. The biggest mistake people make is placing a collar without an ID tag. It is one of the worst things you can do.

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