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Thursday , July 18 2024
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Top 9 Stubborn Dog Breeds That Are Difficult to Train

As pets, everyone wishes to have well-trained and compliant dogs. No one wants breeds that are stubborn and hard to train. Unfortunately, many pet owners never agree that there are stubborn dog breeds.

However, the genes of certain dog breeds and the nurturing of the dogs decide how they turn up to be. You will find the list if you are looking for a pet dog and want to avoid some stubborn breeds. These dogs are tough to train. They do not incline training or are too intelligent to be trained.

These are the top stubborn dog breeds. However, you can always find exceptions. You may not struggle with a problematic breed with your care and love.

Not all breeds are the same. Some require a good deal of effort, time, and patience to be trained. In contrast, other intelligent dog breeds learn everything in an instant. It’s a breeze training them.

Other dogs don’t understand why they need to be obedient and keep looking at you as they get disinterested soon. The main thing is that training a dog requires a lot of patience and time.

9 Most Stubborn Dog Breeds to Train

#1. Bully Kutta

PC: Wikipedia

Bully Kutta, or the Pakistani Mastiff, is a violent dog breed. As it has such an independent nature, many breeders call the breed tough to train and tame.

Although they are tough, their loyalty knows no bounds. When looking after their family, they will take any challenge.

#2. Scottish Terrier

The Scottish terrier, also known as Scottie, is a stubborn breed. This intelligent and playful breed has a self-sufficient edge in its nature. This breed has powerful nature and high-powered determination.

As a result, they are not fond of strangers, and newcomers are people to be careful of. It has a strong sense of territory and doesn’t entertain encroachers. Even while training, the dogs can be so aloof that they lose interest and get bored soon if the training becomes monotonous.

#3. Siberian Huskies – The 

Siberian Huskies are dog breeds that are intelligent and stubborn at the same time. They are so energetic that they constantly need to burn it away. Even as one would imagine, training this breed is quite tricky. These dogs are witty and naughty.

With a lot of patience, they can be trained. However, the key is to be patient, firm, and consistent. Starting from a young age, these dogs learn to socialize so they become confident huskies.

#4. Afghan Hound

This independent breed stands distinguished and is separate from others. It looks magnificent and has a long coat. Originating in Afghanistan, the Afghan Hound keeps itself warm with its long coat. However, you may not form a solid relationship with this dog.

However, it is intelligent and loyal. It is agile and thus needs a good deal of exercise. If proper training is not set for the dog, it tends to become destructive. On the other hand, if you have a big backyard, you will have ample space to jump and move around.

#5. Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiff

The independent thinking Bullmastiffs can be trained to guard and defend gamekeepers from aggressive poachers. Although they don’t bark a lot, they are stubborn and do not accept the dominance of masters who appear fearful or weak.

Socialization training is essential. It should be taught from day one, especially when the breed is a young pup brought home for the first time. A little extra guidance given to them helps when it comes to teaching them new skills.

Positive training methods are effective for them, and they respond perfectly. Make sure the dog gets food rewards.

#6. Jack Russell Terrier

The Jack Russell Terrier is an energetic dog breed. It is always full of energy. Earlier, it was bred for hunting foxes, and it had to find out the hideouts of the fox. So it would either corner the fox so the hunters could trap it or chase it out of its hole.

The history of Jack Russell bears testimony to the fact that he is very curious, inquisitive, lively, and alert. Even though they are insignificant, they need much space to run around. Hence, a small apartment would not be ideal.

#7. Gull Dong

PC: Wikipedia

It is a breed that needs tough training from the first day. The day you bring it home, make sure you take pains to socialize it with other members at home.

They need to get acclimatized to all the new people, the sights, and the sounds around them. It is a significant step towards their training. Discipline from an early age is helpful in the case of this breed. All you need to do is be firm with such dogs.

#8. Chow ChowChowChow

The Chow Chow is a complicated dog breed to teach and train. It has earned a bad name because of its stubborn nature. You may often find it problematic to grab their attention as they are independent and like to stay aloof.

Many owners must enroll their dogs in obedience classes to get trained perfectly. In addition, they are wary of strangers, so they need to be socialized when they are little pups.

#9. Shiba Inucute Shiba Inu dog

The Shiba Inu is infamous as a complicated dog breed to train. This independent breed can learn fast, but only when it wants to. They have a strong will of their own. When they are young pups, they jump and dig and chase.

You can get a personal obedience trainer who can train them at home. Even though it is a struggle initially, you can get a well-mannered pet with the right resources.


There are some dog breeds that are more challenging to train than others. These breeds have unique personalities and may require a different training approach than other breeds. It is essential to understand that training a stubborn dog breed takes time, patience, and consistency.

However, with the right training and positive reinforcement, even the most stubborn dog breeds can learn to obey commands and behave appropriately.

Swati Kaushal is a blogger who loves writing about Dogs. She is happy to amplify her unique knowledge and experience through DogExpress in the hope of helping and educating concerned pet owners. She has two dogs and believes dogs are a source of unconditional love.
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