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Wednesday , December 6 2023
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Bull Mastiff

They are not what they look like!

Country of Origin: England

Dog Group: Working

Origin of Name: Bull Mastiff origin comes from the breed names that were used to create this breed; Bulldog and Mastiff. The Mastiff breed was chosen for its greater size and bulldog was chosen for its sheer strength.


A bit low

Monthly keeping cost

Rs. 8000
Rs. 4000



Tendency to Bark:

Very Low

Breed Info

Life Span - 9 to 10 years

Availability: Medium

About Bull Mastiff

Bull Mastiffs are tall, proud, strong and courageous dogs. They seldom bark and bite their prey. These giants are perfect guard dogs. They can be trained to catch their prey without harming them. They are very loyal and protective, so they’re best for a family.


Grooming - Low attention required

Drooling - Yes

Bath - Rare

Climate adaptability - Can handle both hot and cold conditions well

Exercise Requirement - Lot

Bull Mastiffs can be found in three colors – red, fawn, or brindle. They have short and dense coat. They don’t shed much. Proper brushing leads to normal wear and tear of fur which is manageable. A proper bath is recommended including proper cleaning of their ears and teeth.

You need to give special attention to trimming of their nails. Their nails grow quickly and can be painful for them while walking.

Properly check for any rashes or redness in the skin, especially between the paws and the ears. You must start their grooming regime at an early age.

Hair & Coat

Under Coat - Yes

Color - Fawn/Brindle/Black

Coat Type - Short

Hair Length - Short

Hair Density - Dense


Bull Mastiff is a healthy dog breed. However, it’s advisable to check medical history of the parents of a pup before getting it. Ailments that trouble this breed:

Cancer / Tumors
Hip Dysplasia
Elbow Dysplasia
Aortic Stenosis
Gastric Dilatation Volvulus
Skin Allergies
Rupture of Ligaments

Most of these ailments are genetic and can be prevented with proper check of medical history before getting the pup.



Bull Mastiffs are confident, trustworthy, affectionate and caring which makes them perfect family dogs. They can also be extremely fearless. They are very loyal and crave human companionship. They need a firm owner that they can respect and follow. They are required to be socialized early.

Training & Intelligence

They are highly intelligent and easy to train. However, they need a strict training routine to keep a check on their progress. They tend to be couch potatoes, they need to be constantly encouraged to do physical exercise. If you are a first time owner then seek professional assistance. They might look big and strong but they are very sensitive in nature. They can be very agile and obedient if proper training is given. They need to be trained from an early age.


Litter Size - 6 to 9 puppies (approximately)
Complication in Breeding - No


Bull Mastiffs become mature by the age of 18 months. Make sure to check their mating partner’s medical history so that future generation does not suffer from any serious genetic disorder. Vet assistance is highly recommended during breeding process.

Dog Breeds Database Reference: Dogbreedinfo.com, dogtime.com, dogspot.in, akc.org.

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