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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Is Breed-Specific Food Better for Dogs?

Is Breed-Specific Food Better for Dogs?

Do you have a purebred dog? If yes, you must be looking to get them the best diet for their breed. The thing with dog species is that all of them are unique in their ways. A German shepherd and a Labrador stand different from each other, just as a Labrador is different from a pug.

So, when you are feeding breed-specific food to a dog, you need to consider the specific genetic traits and nutritional requirements of your little one.

If you want to fulfill the unique dietary needs of a dog, you have to feed them the right food to help them lead the happy and healthy life you have envisaged for them. If you wish to provide your purebred baby with optimal nutrition, you have to select breed-specific food that would meet the particular requirements your furball has.

German shepherds are susceptible to digestive problems, Dalmatians tend to have urinary stones, and Golden retrievers suffer from skin issues. Feeding them the best diet containing essential nutrients reduces the risks of several health ailments.

So, it is right to say that feeding breed-specific food to your pup or dog significantly benefits their health and well-being in the long term.

Why is breed-specific dog food beneficial?

There are several benefits of breed-specific dog food enumerated below:

Shiny Coats

Every purebred dog has skin unique in terms of color and texture. With breed-specific food, it becomes easier for them to maintain that luster. Certain breeds tend to have sensitive digestive systems. For example, German shepherds need their digestive health properly cared for. If you give them food specific to their breed, it would be helpful for their digestion.

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Better Digestion

Some breeds, such as Labradors, tend to chew their food at breakneck speeds. It leads to digestive issues later on. Bigger kibbles slow down the speed at which they chew and improve their digestive health.

Healthy Skin

Every dog breed has unique skins – some have wrinkled skins like pugs, while some have sensitive skins. It is the skin that acts as a barrier and keeps them protected. The good thing with breed-specific dog food is that it contains nutrients that help that particular type of skin. This is how their skin stays healthy. One of the benefits of using breed-specific food for dogs is you get the correct kibble size.

Right Kibble Shape as per Dog’s Structure

Factors like size, shape, and texture of their kibble vary too. Keep in mind the structures of their jaws and their biting patterns in these cases. For example, smaller kibbles are beneficial for smaller dog breeds. Labrador retrievers, on the other hand, have kibbles as big as doughnuts.

Better Overall Health

Breed-specific dog food contains nutrients most essential for them. This way, they can keep away the various health issues they would otherwise suffer from and be at their best in their unique ways.

For example, food designed for larger dog breeds would contain ingredients supporting their joints and making them healthy. It would help them have healthy teeth and take care of their weight.

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Why is kibble shape important for dogs?

As we have discussed above, it is significant to feed kibble of the right size to your dog. If your dog is of a small breed, feed smaller kibbles. This applies to dogs who have brachycephalic jaws. For example, dachshunds have dental problems as part of their genetic makeup. Kibbles of a specific size would help them deal better with their dental genetic disorders.

Why should you choose the best-tailored nutrition for your pets?

The best dog food brands in this domain create nutritional solutions geared to serve the specific needs of pets, keeping in mind crucial factors such as their size and the different stages of their lives.

All these products are designed in such a way that feeding them makes sure that your little one is at their unique best every single day of their lives. Such dog food is enriched with natural ingredients that improve your dog’s overall health. It includes essential fatty acids, such as Omega 3 and DHA (docosahexaenoic acid), improving trainability and cognitive skills.

They contain L-carnitine, which makes sure that their weight stays at a healthy level. This is especially beneficial for large-breed dogs. They contain beet pulp and FOS (fructooligosaccharides) that help adult dogs of medium and small breeds with their digestion issues.

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Unique recipes that are best for various breeds

German shepherds are prone to suffering from digestive issues. It is why you must get dog food that contains a combination of prebiotics such as FOS and beet pulp. These are supposed to support healthy digestion in them.

Golden retrievers tend to suffer from skin issues. You need dog food rich in omega 3 and 6 fatty acids – it keeps the dog coat and skin healthy. They need L-carnitine in their food so their weight can be managed properly. Pugs need a combination of FOS and beet pulp in their food since they suffer from digestive issues.

Having minerals such as L-carnitine is essential that helps their metabolic systems.

They must also have omega 3 and 6 fatty acids in their food to promote a healthy coat and skin.

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