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Thursday , May 30 2024
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PetKind pet food

Best Dog Food Brands in The World

We call dogs the best friends of human beings because of how loyal they are to us as companions. The minimum we can do to reward such loyalty is proper food. Getting food that measures our love for our fur balls is not always possible.

The dog food industry has come a long way in gaining the recognition and trust of pet lovers. Now you can find dog food of the highest quality at the best prices across the USA (United States of America).

Vet Recommended Dog Food Brands 2022

#1 Chippin 

Chippin pet food

It consists of silver carp fishes caught in the wild and used as dog food. The nature of this product’s origin makes sure it contains nothing but natural ingredients. These fishes are rich in Omega 1, the best ingredient you can get for your dog.

It is combined with foods healthy for their guts and thus favored by dogs, such as pumpkin, flaxseeds, oats, and spinach. It helps that the food from Chippin is anti-allergenic and baked in ovens.

#2 American Journey 

American Journey pet food

American Journey is one of the youngest brands on the list that entered the industry in 2017. It offers you a range of natural food products. All of which taste great. The food they offer is priced reasonably. The brand has found its way to major retail websites and stores across the country despite its relatively short existence.

The main reason is the quality of the food it offers – incredible is the only word to describe it. The basic ingredient in all these products is deboned meat.

#3 Merrick 

Merrick pet food

Merrick is one of the oldest brands on this list. Their journey started over three decades back in Texas. At that time, it wanted to focus only on improving the quality of pet supplies and food. Merrick tastes each ingredient it uses for quality.

Its mantra is clear – it would only feed your pet what it feeds its pets. A significant reason why the brand has lasted as long as it has. Customers all over the USA have faith in Merrick that it would keep their dogs happy.

#4 Taste of the Wild 

Taste of the Wild pet food

The approach taken by Taste of the Wild to dog food is a little off the proverbial beaten track. It focuses more on foods that your dog’s ancestors may have eaten. Since dogs have descended from gray wolves, they had a rather interesting diet at a point in time.

It included fresh meat that they hunted down and all else that their prey may have eaten. It is common knowledge that during times of scarcity, wolves look for plant-based foods too. This is what the brand looks to capture.

#5 Pupper

Pupper pet food

Regarding dog foods, Pupper is the best of the lot, and there are several reasons we can make such a statement. For starters or new dog parents, you should know that this brand uses only high-quality, wholesome, and natural ingredients in all its dog recipes.

Beef and chicken blends come packed with the finest freeze-dried ingredients, so the nutrients stay locked in, thus giving your dog the best food that your money can buy. The brand takes quality seriously and adheres to the strictest standards.

#6 Diamond Naturals 

Diamond Naturals pet food

Diamond Naturals is a family-owned enterprise that ensures things are not as business-minded and guarantees an even greater emphasis on values such as quality, consistency, and integrity. It has a long line of products that are good for your pets. Its high-class dog food is prepared using natural ingredients only.

There is a distinct amount of passion observed in this case as well. This makes much difference to the quality of their final products. It follows a strict code of nutritional integrity.

#7 I Love and You 

I Love and You dog food

It understands the special bond you share with your four-legged child. It offers the best food as an ode to that companionship. It does not matter if your baby is a small breed or a large one, purebred or rescued, or a retriever or a Labrador. I Love you, and You always welcome you. The list of pet products this brand offers is exhaustive.

#8 PetKind

PetKind pet food

PetKind is one of the finest brands out there. Its undying commitment to quality sets it apart from lesser-known brands. Their food is unique as it uses an ingredient named green tripe.

Green tripe is the lining of the stomach of animals preyed upon by dogs and wolves, such as deer and bison. It is rich in nutrients as well. This smelly and – yet – potent ingredient makes the brand unique.

Apart from these, you can try Wellness Pet Foods and Life’s Abundance.


The brands we have listed above have made it this far because of the premium products they place on quality. They are rather strict with those standards. Hence, it is the primary reason we call them the best.

One of the common ingredients in several dog foods these days is meat protein, referred to as meal meat. After an animal has been slaughtered, parts of it that are unfit for human consumption are cooked for dogs until the fat melts away.

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