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Thursday , May 25 2023
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Difference Between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz

Difference Between Pomeranian and Spitz of India

Many people get confused about the difference between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz. Sometimes, these dogs get identified as the same type. The fact is far from this. Pomeranian and Indian Spitz –both of them originated from the German Spitz. Indian Spitz is called the Pomeranian of India. Though these dog ...

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Top 12 Best Indian Dog Breeds

List of Indian Dog Breeds with Pictures

Indian dog breeds are the most adaptive and resilient dog breeds in the world. They can withstand harsh climatic conditions and survive under almost the toughest conditions imaginable. However, very few people know about these Indian dog breeds and seldom have them as pets. It’s time to look into these ...

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DogExpress Celebrating 7 Years of Trust and Growth

DogExpress Celebrating 7 Years of Trust and Growth

Woohoo! We have completed 7 years! As we celebrate our 7th anniversary week, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters who have guided and shaped our journey. The journey has been incredible, and we are just beginning to expand even more! From our goal to become ...

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