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Saturday , June 15 2024
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Difference Between Pomeranian and Spitz of India

Difference Between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz

Many people get confused about the difference between Pomeranian and Indian Spitz. Sometimes, these dogs get identified as the same type. The fact is far from this. Pomeranian and Indian Spitz –both of them originated from the German Spitz.

Indian Spitz is called the Pomeranian of India. Though these dog breeds share some similar features, they have some differences. If you are eager to get one of these dog breeds, below are some details for your help.

Going through the table below, you can decide which is better suited.

Features of Pomeranian and Spitz of India are discussed in detail

OriginIndian Spitz

Pomeranians are direct descendants of German spitz. Pomeranians originated in the central part of Europe, especially from Poland. Spitz of India was developed in India during the British rule era through the breeding process with German spitz.


Pomeranians have an extra coat of fur around their neck that looks like a collar. It is a distinct identity of this dog breed. Their tail places high and flat toward their back. Their usual coat color is white. However, you can find them in other colors.

The other colors are blue, black, tan, brown, orange, red, and grey. Even multicolors or combinations of these colors are also available. The fur is a double-layered coat. The inner coat fur is soft and shorter in length. Also, Pomeranian is known for its thick, grained, and even.

In the Spitz of India, softer hair is present on the chest, and the coat color is white with a double layer. They are available in black and tan colors. On a few occasions, you can find some combined or multi-color variants.

Their unique feature is a long snout with an expression-oriented face, which consists of the eye with white Irish and blueish-shaded green eyes. Another unique feature is their pointed triangle shape ear with fluffy tails folding over the back.

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Regardless of their size and shape, Pomeranians consider themselves the largest of all dog breeds. Surprisingly, these dogs are staggeringly unaware of their size. For that reason, these dogs get engaged in a fight with a far larger breed of dog than them. It is a clear symbol of aggression.

Due to their high intelligence level, you can’t hide or move away from anything from them. They are highly loyal to their owners and always try to satisfy them. They are loud and tend to bark without any cause. But that doesn’t turn into a huge problem; if you provide them with proper training, time for play, and exercise for their health.

Spitz of India is friendly in company with people. They may well judge the intention of the people. They are the faster learning of the tricks in a training session. They are full of passion and tang in their nature. They are loyal to their owner.

The most astonishing part of their character is they become good watchdogs that develop due to their high intelligence level. They are accustomed to other pets in the house and also with children.


In Pomeranians, brushing three to four times a week is mandatory. They also require a bath once in 10 to 15 days intervals. Major Pomeranian owners choose well-trained groom people for their dogs for bathing and brushing. Still, you have to brush them in close frequency.

The eyes and ears are crucial parts of grooming that require proper and perfect cleaning. Spitz of India is also a daily shedder as the Pomeranian. So, grooming is significant too for them. Bathing once and twice a month is mandatory to maintain their fur.

On the other hand, it’s required to do regular brushing to maintain their coat. Like Pomeranians, they require eye and ear cleaning once a month. Clean their crate and toys once every fifteen days. As both these dogs shed a lot. It is advisable to keep a vacuum cleaner in the house.

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Cost of maintenance per month

The maintenance cost of a Pomeranian is around five hundred to two thousand rupees in a month. In the case of the spitz of India, it’s around rupees two thousand to three thousand in a month.

The vaccination cost for their first is around five thousand to ten thousand rupees. The usual daily check costs about two thousand to three thousand rupees.

Food and nutrients

Pom babies must be fed 3 to 4 times a day. Feeding an adult twice a day will be sufficient. A mixture of dry and canned food is good for them. Homemade raw food, which consists of lean meat and vegetable, is good for them. Give them a small treat as they have a little stomach.

Baby spitz should be fed two to four times a day, whereas, in the case of adults, it’s two times regularly. They are more flexible in case of diet than pom and can tolerate lactulose food too. Also, raw flesh and veggies can be served to them.

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Regarding exercise

Both dogs can go for a long walk, but pom needs intervals. Both require sufficient playtime. Without that, they become aggressive. Also, obesity will grasp them.

Regarding training, both require training and socialization despite them being social and friendly with other animals and people.


Pomeranians and Spitz are two of the most loyal breeds. They are lively and intelligent. These dogs are fun to be around and can easily grasp new tricks. It is ideal for people living in condos and apartments. Picky eaters, these two dog breeds are known can prove to be an excellent choice as show dogs.

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