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Wednesday , July 17 2024
"20% of our website advertising earnings are donated to local NGOs for stray dogs and animal welfare."
DogExpress Celebrating 7 Years of Trust and Growth

DogExpress Celebrating 7 Years of Trust and Growth

Woohoo! We have completed 7 years!

As we celebrate our 7th anniversary week, we want to express our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters who have guided and shaped our journey.

The journey has been incredible, and we are just beginning to expand even more! From our goal to become the leading pet information website in India, we aim to be a global pet information hub to help people understand dogs better.

We are becoming a one-stop search engine for dog owners in India. Our website is packed with information on everything associated with dogs. We are aiming to expand and cover other pet categories and become an information hub for all kinds of pet parents across the globe.

DogExpress is now the NUMBER 1 dog website in India, ranked by Feedspot. We even rank at number 1 in the list of Best Indian Pet Blogs and Websites in India.


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DogExpress Goes Global

We are now becoming a one-stop source for all dog-related content globally. We have the largest social media community, with a following of over 5,50,000 pet owners and dog lovers.

Our reach has ballooned to over 10 million in the past year. As a result, we own a remarkable and niche space in the digital world.

Our cheerful and informative posts, videos, and news on dogs on our social media platforms help people learn about the latest trends and news about dogs. Moreover, we also share information about types of breeds, dog health tips, training tips, and more. Your love & support helps us get one step closer to our goal of being the unrivaled pet information hub globally.

The content you can trust!

We aim to give a positive pet-centric social media experience for pet owners and people who love dogs to form meaningful connections with each other. In addition, we provide complete information about dog health care, dog breeds, puppy training, and many more. So check out DogExpress for even more insight into a human’s best friend.


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Open For Business

For small and medium-sized businesses in the Pet industry, the time is ripe to get their marketing done rightly via DogExpress advertising and marketing solutions.

We offer exclusive advertising and marketing opportunities that help pet startups and SMBs establish their pet brand, grow leads, and compete in the pet industry market.


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You can contact us or visit our website for Advertising and marketing services.

“If you’re able to make someone’s day, do it BECAUSE THE WORLD NEEDS MORE LOVE!”

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