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Foods That You Cannot Share With Your Pet Dog

People love their pet dogs and treat them as their own kids. They like to share everything with them. However, sharing sweets with your dog is not a good idea, especially candies and chocolates. You can give them sweets if you know what kind of sweets would not affect them adversely.

While it is alright to share the eatables like chicken, mutton, milk, etc. sharing sweets is not good for your dog’s health. Sweets like chocolates and candies, high in sugar are toxic for dogs.

They contain an ingredient called theobromine which is harder for the dog’s metabolic system to process. It can affect their nervous and cardiac system, and also put pressure on their kidneys.


Natural Sugar Foods that you can Share with Your Dog

Should You Feed Sweets to Your Pet Dog-2

Naturally occurring sugar eatables like fruits, vegetables, yogurt, and other treats can be given to dogs as it is necessary to maintain their energy levels.

You can also offer tested dog food to your dog which contains the right quantity of proteins, minerals, and other nutrients.

But if you offer candies, chocolate chip cookies, or other sweet treats that contain processed sugar/ sugar substitutes then it would adversely affect their health.

A sugar substitute called Xylitol is mostly used in sugary sweets and it is extremely toxic to dogs. This sugar substitute is found in all sorts of breath mints, candies, and gums.

Sugar Substitute can be Harmful to Your Dog’s Health

Xylitol is a sugar substitute that can cause liver failure and seizures. It is widely present in eatables and is even more dangerous than chocolate.

When you buy eatables that you plan to share with your dog, check the label for Xylitol. If it is present then it is advised to refrain from sharing that eatable with your dog.

Remember, just a moderate amount of sweets can rot the teeth of your pet dog, disrupt their metabolic system, cause obesity, and can even contribute to dog diabetes.

With excess sugar in their system, dogs might start to rub their body frantically with their nails leading to excessive shedding.


Always Stay Aware

stay aware

As being a pet parent, you have to be aware of the food intake of your pet dog as they are unable to stop themselves once they start eating something.

You should monitor and control the eating habits of your dog. Take care of them and feed them nutritious food and treats to keep them healthy and well.

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