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8 Most Poisonous Foods For Dogs

The Most Poisonous Foods For Dogs

When you think of foods that can be toxic for dogs, the first category that comes to mind is foods like sugars, salt, and fats. You would probably start to panic because you may have been feeding your dog all of this. The thing with human food is that it ...

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Top 5 Foods For Dogs With Diabetes

Dogs with Diabetes

Guest post! Diabetes Mellitus, also known as diabetes, is quite a common disorder for humans and animals alike. When one has diabetes, they are unable to regulate their blood sugar levels because they lack insulin in their bodies. Sugar in the blood results in the pancreas secreting insulin. Sugar is ...

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10 Human Foods That Are Harmful To Dogs

Harmful Foods for Dogs

Some foods that are edible for humans could be hazardous to dogs because of the difference in metabolism capabilities. Some foods might cause mild digestive problems whereas others can cause illness and even death. So it is essential to know which food you can feed your dog and which you ...

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Foods That You Cannot Share With Your Pet Dog

Dog Health Care Tips

People love their pet dogs and treat them as their own kids. They like to share everything with them. However, sharing sweets with your dog is not a good idea, especially candies and chocolates. You can give them sweets if you know what kind of sweets would not affect them ...

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What to Look For In the Best Dog Food for Allergies

What to Look for in the Best Dog Food for Allergies

Like humans, dogs can develop allergies to numerous things, including food! To identify the best dog food for dogs with food allergies, you must first understand what food allergies are and what causes them. In contrast, food “intolerance” does not affect the immune system and can happen with the first ...

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Signs You Need to Change the Diet of Your Dog

Signs You Need to Change the Diet of Your Dog

The most obvious sign your dog needs a new diet is regular vomiting. If the vomiting has become chronic, their bodies are not receiving and digesting the food properly. It causes their stomach to be upset, which leads to vomiting. Watch them and see if your dog eats plants like ...

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