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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Foods Restricted To Puppies

10 Foods Your Dog Should Never Eat – Toxic food for dogs

Usually, dogs have a delicacy regarding food, but that never means that whatever they eat is beneficial to their health. As a puppy owner, you need knowledge about what is good or bad in your food choice.

As puppies are curious about nature and food motivates this nature, it’s clear that puppies tend to grab the food they always consume. Not always those foods we are eating or consuming will be good for our pup’s health.

Some of them can be toxic to your little furry buddy and need immediate vet visits in an emergency. Our metabolism is pretty different from the dog’s metabolic system. So, you should be aware of the food harmful to your pups.

10 foods we should avoid for our beloved canine

1. BonesBones

Cooked-up bones are not beneficial for your pups, which may block the tract of the digestive system. Even it can damage their digestive system, which may end in a surgical process.

Small fragments of raw bones can be harmful, especially when your dog chews and swallows them. It is advisable to offer designed chewable treats to them. Also, keep an eye on them when they are enjoying this thing.

2. Chives, 0nion, and GarlicChives, onion, and garlic

After consuming these things, your dog may suffer from gastrointestinal irritation. The worst-ever situation is blood cell loss which turns into anemia for them. You may have planted vegetables and herbs in the garden.

However, keeping your pups far from these vegetables will be better. Peel off these veggies must be kept out of the reach of your pups. Heavy consumption of these substances can land your puppy in a vet visit for an emergency.

3. GrapesGrapes

Grapes are highly toxic to your pups. It can cause kidney damage to your puppy. So, keep your fruit salad bowl out of the puppy’s reach.

If you find an empty bowl of grapes in front of your puppy in your absence, you must contact the vet immediately.

4. Raisin    Raisin

A raisin is a dried form of grapes, so naturally harmful to your pups. Generally, raisins are added to cookies and cakes. So, it is better to keep them away from your puppies.

5. Chocolate & CoffeeChocolate & coffee

It’s always enjoyable when chocolate melt inside your mouth. But, for your pups, it can be bad for their health. A substance like caffeine can increase the heart rate of your dog. It increases blood pressure.

Small dogs are more affected than big ones. Coffee contains caffeine but another ingredient called methylxanthines which is dangerous for your pup.

6. CoconutCoconut

A small amount of coconut is okay for your pups, but a large quantity can develop stomach problems which may turn into diarrhea. Also, water in coconut consists of potassium which is not beneficial for the pups.

7. SweetenerSweetener

One of the substances in a sweetener is xylitol which increases insulin and creates pancreatitis and diabetes. 

8. Macadamia NutsMacadamia Nuts

Symptoms of macadamia nuts poisoning are vomiting, shaking, weakness, and loss of body temperature that lasts up to 48 hours.

9. Acorn, Cobs Corn, and Alcoholcorn

These are harmful to your pups. They can create kidney failure, stomach problems, and even death.

10. YeastYeast

Too much yeast consumption can create excessive gas and gastrointestinal reflux in your puppy’s stomach.

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