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Thursday , May 30 2024
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Why You Should Adopt A Stray Dog?

When we say that a dog is a man’s best friend, we mean it! We do not discriminate between dog breeds. An indie dog breed will love you the same or even more than a pedigree dog breed that you buy.

We strongly believe in the ideology of “adopt don’t shop.” So, we decided to compile a few reasons – why you should adopt a stray dog:

9 Reason Why You Should Adopt A Stray Dog

1. Unconditional Love

adopt a stray dog 1

They may not live as long as humans, but they love unconditionally and a moment with them lasts for a lifetime. They complete us!

2. Cuteness overload

adopt a stray dog 02

How can you say no to a face like that? Don’t they deserve some of your love?

3. Dogs are not objects

adopt a stray dog 03

They are not some objects that you buy to entertain yourself or to gift someone. They are friends for life. Money can buy a dog but not their love! Adopt a stray dog if you really want to make a difference in the world.

4. Choose heart not fancy fur

adopt a stray dog 2

It is stupid to objectify dogs into status symbols. If you want to make a status statement – buy an expensive car! Don’t buy a  foreign dog breed because of their fancy fur. A stray dog would love you the same as a Husky or a St. Bernard.

5. Indian dogs are better-suited for Indian climatic conditions

adopt a stray dog 05

Why would you torture a foreign dog breed by bringing them to harsh Indian climatic conditions? Why make a dog suffer when you can adopt an Indian dog breed that is perfectly suited for the Indian climate and also easy to maintain.

6. Indian stray dogs have a stronger immune system

adopt a stray dog 06

Indian strays have been living and endured tough conditions. They have a stronger immune system and do not contract diseases that pedigree breeds usually suffer from.

7. They can become roadkill any day

adopt a stray dog 07

You can save them from being roadkill. You can give them shelter and save a life. Trust us, there is not a better feeling in the world than helping someone in need.

8. Adopt a stray dog – Contribute to society

adopt stray dog 10

When you choose to adopt a stray dog, you are actually making a huge contribution to society by taking a stand against illegal breeders. You are also helping in keeping the streets safe and control the stray dog population.

9. Save a life – Satisfy your soul!

adopt a stray dog _09

Experience absolute soul satisfaction that comes from saving a life or helping someone in need. Give yourself a moment that you can feel proud for the rest of your life, even boast about it to others.

Become a symbol of hope in your social circle. Be an example setter by removing the stigma against the adoption of stray dogs in India. With one act of kindness, you are showing your children what it means to be a good person.

Important: Don’t make a hasty decision. You might feel compelled to adopt a stray dog right after reading this article. However, we suggest you think it over first! Question yourself:

Are you ready to make a commitment for at least 10- 15 years?

Are you ready to treat them as your own family?

Don’t abandon a pet later just because you made a hasty decision today! Adopting a dog is a long-term commitment and a decision like this should be taken after careful consideration.

Comment below if you think adopting a stray dog is the right thing to do!

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