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Saturday , May 18 2024
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What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Pug-Dog?

What are the Pros and Cons of Owning a Pug Dog?

Have you been wondering about bringing home one of those Vodafone Dogs? Every dog lover will find pug dog breed super adorable, but there are more sides to Pug dog character than this, which you should know before adopting one. Always by your side, like the most loyal dog breed, you will love their company at all times.

But there are some cons as well which you should know before owning a Pug dog. Talking about the pros first, so here you go:

Pros of Owning A Pug

● Pugs are small in size and thus, making them suitable for small-sized rooms or apartments.

● Pugs have a friendly and lapdog temperament, get along well with most people and pets.

● Pugs are low to medium-shed breeds, which implies you are less likely going to be troubled with shedding.

● Can take simple commands without hiring a professional trainer – you can train it on your own to poop at a particular place or fetch the newspaper daily.

● Have fewer exercise requirements – just a daily walk or run is sufficient to keep it healthy.

● Highly adorable and show lapdog behavior- they will follow you wherever you go around your house and leave your side.

● Not too destructive or ferocious – you won’t have troubles like destructive chewing habits or attacking visitors.

● Less emotional requirements – pug dogs, do crave human company, but they are not too much of an attention-seeker. A few hours of playtime, or keep it on your lap or by your side while you do your work, it will be content! But again, don’t abandon your dog or neglect it – it will eventually start suffering from mental anxiety.

● Great around kids – great company for kids.

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Cons of Owning A Pug

● Gains weight easily – though pugs have fewer exercise requirements, lack of daily exercises like a walk or run can easily have them gain weight and affect their health.

● Health risks – Pugs are prone to various throats, ears, eyes, folds, facial infections, and breathing troubles; hence they will require regular health check-ups.

● Pug dogs are not highly trainable – it will be difficult to train a pug to do not-so-easy activities even if you hire a professional.

● Pugs, due to their small nose and body surface, are prone to get overheated if they exercise too much in hot temperature conditions.

● Pugs are also not superiorly engineered to fight the extreme cold – you have to cover your pug in extremely cold weather to avoid health injuries.

● Not too suitable as a guard dog.

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Pugs are adorable, cheerful, sociable, kind of dog breed and except for a few preventable health issues, you won’t have to put up with much. Remember, all dogs have their emotional requirements, do not commit to a pet if you think you cannot take care of it throughout its lifetime, and have to abandon it.

If you can take responsibility for its daily walk and have people at home who can always be by its side, go forward with buying a pug – it will be an amazing experience for any dog lover!

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