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Wednesday , July 24 2024
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5 Things You Should Know About Getting a Pug Dog8

5 Things You Should Know About Getting a Pug Dog

Yes, the Vodafone Dog! This is the simplest pug dog image most Indians bear in their minds. Every dog lover will find pug breed super adorable, but there are more sides to its character than this, which you should know before adopting one.

Always by your side, like the most loyal breed, you will love their company at all times. Pug dog breed price starts from 9000 INR to 17000 INR in India.

5 things you ought to know before owning a pug dog

1. Pug won’t leave you for a moment

If you’re someone who cannot afford to give too much attention to your dog, think twice before owning a pug dog. Just like most pug dog images we see on the net – always by its human side, a pug dog is engineered to show lapdog behavior and will not leave you for a moment. Whether you are cooking, or in your bathroom, or binge-watching, they will follow you everywhere and crave attention.

This is the very reason what makes a pug dog so special among all other breeds. They crave a lot of attention – a lot, and can even get depressed if left alone for longer times. They can get intrusive and jealous if you spend more time with other pets and leave them unattended.

2. Have Exercise Requirements

Pug dogs owing to their specific body plan, and fat deposits have greater exercise requirements than other common breeds. Although it might be lazy and prefer napping around most of the time, as an owner, you should take care of the pug dog’s exercise requirement on a daily basis. To keep them healthy, they need to be taken for a walk or run at least once a day to reduce the risks of cholesterol or heart issues.

3. Prone to Health Issues

Pugs are not too prone to chronic diseases, but some health issues that can stress you if you are not familiar with them. The most common ones to look out for are eye scratches, food allergies, allergy to vaccines, eye and nose-fold infection, and breathing problems.

Not all Pugs are meant to suffer once in their lifetime, but you can avoid them by buying from a certified breeder, and taking out time for its daily exercise. In short, a Pug dog is a high-maintenance dog. Take your dog for regular walks as well as regular routine check-ups mandatorily.

4. Buy Pug from a Certified Breeder.

The previous reason explains well why you should never compromise on the quality. A good Pug dog’s price can seem higher, but if you buy at a discount, you will end up spending a lot on its health issues.

5. Shedding

Pugs shed more than other common breeds, but certainly not too much to own one. Pugs are low to medium-shed breeds but what’s a dog that doesn’t shed.


Pug dogs’ price starts from 9000 INR and will hardly reach 17000 INR in India. But if you own one, you might need multiple regular check-ups done, more than you would need for other breeds.

Pugs also have specific diet requirements, it is best to consult a vet to customize its diet depending on its gene. Whatever it is, a pug dog is great to own if you love lapdog behavior.

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