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Saturday , July 20 2024
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Man Shoots Dog Dead for Sitting on his Car

The Shocking news comes out from Ahmedabad, where a man shot and killed a stray dog with an air gun as he was irritated that the canine used to sit on his car roof and had put scratches on the vehicle. According to an FIR filed with Ranip police, Jigar …

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Claps for Covid-19 Warriors, but more Pay for Dog Trainers

As frontline warriors engage in a dogged battle with Covid-19, it turns out that their rewards can be lower than a dog trainer. Gujarat Police has issued an advertisement seeking a senior training consultant, a junior training consultant, and a veterinary doctor for their dog (K-9) squad. The appointees to …

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MC Starts Stray Dog Sterilization

Ludhiana once again resumed the lifting of stray dogs for sterilization after receiving complaints from residents. The next ward will be taken up only when the dog catching teams will be sure of the fact that no stray dog is left without sterilization in that particular ward or area. Earlier, …

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Mudumalai Reserve Loses Sniffer Dog

A sniffer dog attached to the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve (MTR) in the Nilgiris died of liver problems on Tuesday. Named Holfer, the Belgian shepherd was successfully deployed to crack many wildlife cases in MTR and other reserve forests. According to KK Kaushal, field director, MTR, the five-year-old dog had contracted …

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