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Sunday , September 20 2020
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Claps for Covid-19 Warriors, but more Pay for Dog Trainers

As frontline warriors engage in a dogged battle with Covid-19, it turns out that their rewards can be lower than a dog trainer.

Gujarat Police has issued an advertisement seeking a senior training consultant, a junior training consultant, and a veterinary doctor for their dog (K-9) squad. The appointees to the first two posts will earn as much or more than doctors who are putting their lives on the line at the Covid-19 facility on the old Civil Hospital campus in Asarwa.

The state administration had issued an advertisement for medical officers, specialists, and paramedical staff for the newly set up Covid-19 facility. The advertisement said that the salary for pulmonologists and anesthetists would be Rs 1.20 lakh per month. And the monthly salary of Rs 60,000 was offered to medical officers with the MBBS degree.

On Tuesday, the state police through additional DGP Vikas Sahay issued an advertisement that announced a monthly salary of Rs 1.20 lakh for a senior K-9 training consultant. And Rs 70,000 was offered for a junior K-9 training consultant.

The Civil Hospital authorities received only three applications for the 90 pulmonologist posts and only 20 doctors applied for 165 medical officer posts.

As for the K-9 squad, it comprises Belgian Malinois dogs and can be used for riot control and to maintain law and order. It has a strength of 110.

However, the strength of the city’s medical core is worrying. The Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation (AMC) had in March issued an advertisement to recruit medical and sanitation officers. In that notice, a monthly salary of Rs 30,000 was offered to medical officers. Only 94 doctors had applied for 354 posts.

Dr. Mona Desai, the president of the Ahmedabad Medical Association, said that salary reflects the respect given to a person. “Doctors have been risking their lives while fighting Covid-19 and no salary will reflect the value of their lives,” said Desai. “However, the salary exemplifies the respect given to a person of a particular profession. The salary structure now says it all about government policy.”

Source: indiatimes

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