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Saturday , July 11 2020
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MC Starts Stray Dog Sterilization

Ludhiana once again resumed the lifting of stray dogs for sterilization after receiving complaints from residents. The next ward will be taken up only when the dog catching teams will be sure of the fact that no stray dog is left without sterilization in that particular ward or area. Earlier, drives could not bring the desired results because the officials did not clear areas one after the other.

The senior veterinary officer of MC, Dr. Harbans Singh Dhalla, said, “Earlier, we were handling the task of feeding the stray dogs, but now a dog lovers’ group is handling the responsibility properly. So, we have again kicked off sterilization of stray dogs.” He said they had taken up the Barewal area in March before the lockdown. First, they lifted more dogs from there, and then they came into Rajguru Nagar and adjoining areas. He said when they would drop the dogs in their areas after the operation, dog catchers will check if any dog was left without sterilization and then it will be lifted and operated upon. He said now they would cover all stray dogs in the localities. “We are operating upon at least 17 stray dogs in one day,” he shared.

Congress councilor from ward number 73 Seema Kapoor said people were complaining about stray dogs and when civic officials started lifting the dogs, people heaved a sigh of relief. She said in case the civic body does not lift the dogs during these days then the number of dogs would keep on rising with each passing day.

Meanwhile, a resident of BRS Nagar, Sonia Verma, said the stray dogs had created a mess in the area as they keep on barking at night time and then they create a nuisance even during the day. She said now people were staying inside their homes due to Covid-19, but earlier also they had to keep their kids inside due to these stray dogs. She said the authorities should continue the sterilization of dogs in all situations.

No Exact Idea About Stray Dogs

The civic officials even after the passing almost five years of the sterilization drive are unable to tell the exact number of stray dogs in the city. They have never tried to conduct a survey about the number of stray dogs in the city. They have never tried to conduct a survey about the number of such dogs. Even after sterilization of more than 40,000 stray dogs, they are of the opinion that 25,000 are still left.

Dog Bite Cases Rise in Summer

The civic officials claimed that during summer the dogs become ferocious and for the past so many years they had seen an increase in dog bite cases. Last year, the situation had gone out of control as one or two cases were being reported almost daily. Even these days due to lockdown to dogs attack vehicles passing through streets.

Source: Timesofindia

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