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Monday , September 28 2020
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Man Shoots Dog Dead for Sitting on his Car

The Shocking news comes out from Ahmedabad, where a man shot and killed a stray dog with an air gun as he was irritated that the canine used to sit on his car roof and had put scratches on the vehicle.

According to an FIR filed with Ranip police, Jigar Panchal, 35, a resident of Geeta Apartments in Ranip, shot the dog and abused residents of his flat when they objected to his action.

In his FIR with Ranip police, a resident of Geeta Apartments, Manoj Thakar, 56, who works for a private firm, states that he saw Panchal firing in the air evening at around 6 pm. Panchal was scaring away dogs sitting on and around his car, parked outside the complex.

Thakar opposed this and told Panchal not to shoot and scare the canines. After this, Thakar went to his place and Panchal went to his.

At around 8 pm, Thakar and other residents of Geeta Apartments heard a shot and rushed outside. Thakar and other residents saw Panchal holding an air gun in his hand and a stray dog lying in front of Panchal’s car states the FIR.

Residents of Geeta Apartments called the police who reached the spot and began proceeding in the case.

Source: timesofindia

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