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Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Information

Labrador Retriever Dog Breed Information

Labrador retrievers are sweet and lovable. This breed is intelligent, loyal, and fun. They love to play, explore and spend time in the pool. These dogs are sweet and loving to other animals. Their warm and friendly nature makes them popular among people.

How much do Labradors cost from Labrador breeders? The cost of a Labrador puppy varies from breeder to breeder and location to location. The normal price of a purebred lab puppy in the USA is between $600 to $1,200.

Are you looking for a dog?

  • Is it medium-sized and does not occupy much space in the room?
  • Is it a good family dog?
  • Has a broadhead that makes the strangers cautious?
  • Loves to play in the water?
  • Is it super active or sporting?
  • Can it be used for hunting small animals?
  • Don’t shed too much.
  • Don’t bark unnecessarily.
  • Can they be trained without much labor?
  • Pretty friendly with kids?
  • Can it be kept along with cats without much fighting?
  • Don’t fight with other dogs?
  • Can it be groomed without much problem?
  • Can you tolerate quite a cold climate?How much do Labradors cost from Labrador breeders

If the answers to all the bulleted questions mentioned above are ‘yes’ for you, there is only one dog breed you are looking for. And that famous breed is the Labrador retriever. In the United States of America, this breed is hugely popular.

According to the American Kennel Club (AKC), the labrador retriever has ranked as the most popular dog breed in the United States for twenty-four consecutive years. The irony is that its origin is not the US.

The origin of this breed is Newfoundland in Canada. However, there is another belief that England is the actual breeding country of this dog type.

The appearance of a labrador retrieverThe appearance of labrador retriever

The height of the labrador retriever ranges between 54 to 57 cm. Their weight varies between 55 to 80 pounds. The male varieties of labradors are big in size and weight compared to female labrador retrievers. Their lifespan is low. They live a maximum of 12 years.

However, many life enthusiasts say, “Life should be big, not lengthy.” Such is this breed of dog. When they live, they live life like sporting enthusiasts. They ceaselessly play in the water. Even in super cold water, they play or swim or work tirelessly.

Their coat size is medium yet dense. But the good fact is that labrador retrievers don’t shed much. Their coats come in various colors, like black, chocolate, yellow, and silver. The best part of their coats is that they are water-resistant.

Hence, they can remain in the water for hours without falling sick. Another attractive feature of labrador retrievers is their eyes. They are sparkling blue eyes. These blue eyes add poetry to the blue waters when they play watersports.

The toes of labrador retrievers are like webs. This distinguishing feature helps them to move in wet places. The other remarkable feature of the labrador retriever is its tail. They look like otters.

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Shedding or grooming of Labrador Retriever DogShedding or grooming of Labrador Retriever Dog

Their hair shedding is medium. Two times a year, they shed. Usually, it will be enough if you brush their coat once a week. During their shedding periods, they brush their coat once every day.

Training of Labrador Retriever Doglabrador retriever dog breed

Labrador retrievers are tireless dogs. These dogs are active and don’t prefer staying indoors for long. They love to exercise throughout the day. They prefer to do the exercises outdoors. They can run after short quick animals like squirrels and catch them.

Many owners use microchips in the collars of their labrador retrievers and let them run after faster animals. Later they track their dogs with their prey. In many places, they get employed as service dogs. With proper training, they can become life-saving dogs.

They save lots of people from drowning in water. This dog breed is quite intelligent. So, it doesn’t need too much time to train them. If trained properly, the labradors can be efficient in many ways. It can save people from the water. It can play a crucial role in activating or deactivating emergency communication devices.

However, while making them train, one caution should be kept in mind. These dos should be forced to take rest after intervals. This breed is so active that they forget to take a rest. They like being active and thus have an outgoing personalities.

However, tireless activities have resulted in the collapse of many Labrador retrievers. So, be watchful with your watches when you take your Labrador retrievers for outdoor activities. Else, it may end in a sorry ending.

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Health issues in Labrador Retriever BreedHealth issues in Labrador Retriever Breed

Labrador retrievers are considered healthy dogs. They don’t pose too much of health problems. They have sturdy physiques and short coats.

These make excellent therapy and service dogs and have been a part of the detection squad of water rescue, drugs, and explosives. However, there are a few diseases found in many Labrador retrievers as such:

  • elbow dysplasia
  • hip dysplasia
  • progressive atrophy of the retina
  • problems in knees

Nutrition and Diet

A nutritionally balanced diet plan will keep your dog healthy and strong. Always give fresh water to your companion. Seek consultation with your vet on the amount of food you need to give your dog.

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Contribution of labrador retriever to the societyContribution of labrador retriever to the society

Labrador retrievers’ love for water comes of significant use to society. Many organizations use these dogs to collect plastic bottles from the seas. For instance, a labrador retriever named “Tubby” became in the limelight for its collection of plastic bottles.

It has been reported that Tubby has collected nearly twenty-six thousand plastic bottles. Those bottles have now been recycled. He used to take brisk walks with his owner around the seas when he collected those bottles and then crushed them.

Then, he used to pass those crushed bottles to his owner. It also projects how well a labrador retriever can be trained. Labrador retrievers can be an excellent choice if you are looking for an intelligent dog.

It ranks 7th as the smartest dog breed. In terms of intelligence and obedience, these are the most intelligent. It can be your friendly companion who would love to explore by your side.

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