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Thursday , April 18 2024
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How To Register A Dog In India

How To Register A Dog In India?

Are you struggling with pet registration rules in India?

Don’t worry! We are here to help.

Contrary to other countries like the US, UK, Italy, New Zealand, Spain, Ireland, etc., India does not have any pan-India law for dog-licenses. But pet owners can get their dogs registered with the local municipal authorities based on their city and state. You can also register your dog with KCI – Kennel Club of India. The Kennel Club of India (KCI) provides registration for all pet dogs in India.

Our current lifestyle has forced us to live in densely populated cities and apartments with limited space for dogs to enjoy and play freely. Incidents of animal abuse and dog-bites have made it difficult for dog owners to convenience resident welfare associations to permit them to live with their pet buddies.

The significant step of dog registration helps in making the cities pet-friendly. It also ensures order in how dogs interact with humans in today’s modern society and vice-versa.

Currently, pet registration is mandatory throughout India, and all responsible pet owners must get it done with the local civic bodies.

So, register your dog to ensure safety and support for your pet baby. You should also register your dog in India because the government uses the registration funds for animal welfare.

The fees you give for getting a dog license go to support many noble causes like

  • To help animal shelters
  • Investigate cruelty to animals
  • Arrange emergency animal rescues during natural disasters
  • Manage Animal Birth Control (ABC) Programmes
  • Make provisions for ambulances for the distressed animals

The Animal Welfare Board of India (AWBI) is a regulatory board that looks after everything. They look into animal welfare and keep the law in force in India – the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act, 1960. They also grant recognition to kennels and animal welfare associations (AWOs) in India.

Remember, whenever you adopt a dog, do it from registered kennels and animal welfare organizations(AWO) only.

They have a nominated representative of the AWBI on their managing/executive committee, who inspects their routine functioning. It makes the registration of your dog convenient.

Pet Registration Regulations of Different Indian States Cities

Here are The Pet Registration Regulations of Different Indian States/Cities


Section 399 of the Delhi Municipal Corporation Act makes it necessary for every dog owner to register their pet. You can get your dog register with them by following its canine registration requirements. It includes

  • An annual registration charge of ₹ 500
  • Vaccination proof/details of your dog
  • A picture of your dog
  • An identity proof stating its address
  • Documents for breed information


The Municipal Corporation of Gurugram (MCG) does have provisions for pet registration, but it’s not mandatory. If you want to register your dogs, all you need to do is pay a fixed annual charge of ₹ 500 and submit all necessary medical and neutering certificates with them.


 The Ghaziabad Municipal Corporation, in 2019, has passed a proposal to regulate pet ownership. Initially, it was suggested ₹5000 as fees for the registration of pet dogs. But after several complaints from many pet owners, they brought it down to ₹1000.

Now, you can register your dog in Ghaziabad through the Ghaziabad Nagar Nigam Pet Registration app. The formalities include

  • Paying registration fee of ₹1000
  • Furnishing details of your pet dog online like
    • name
    • age
    • breed
    • details about vaccination
    • A photo of your dog

The corporation also penalizes pet owners with ₹ 500 every time if your dog defecates in open areas.


If you live in Lucknow, being a pet owner, you have to shell out yearly charges for registering your dog. You can get your dog registered at Lucknow Municipal Corporation (LMC).

  • For registration of big dogs (like Doberman, Labrador, German Shepherd) – ₹500
  • For registration of small dogs (like Shih Tzu, Pomeranian, Spitz) – ₹300
  • For registration of local indie (Indian Pariah) dog breeds – ₹200

Once you get a registration certificate issued, you must renew it annually. If you fail to do it in time, it will lead to a hefty penalty of ₹5000.


Under Section 14, rule number 22(a) sub-clause 386 of Maharashtra Municipal Provincial Act, it’s mandatory that you obtain a dog license. The formalities for registering your dog in Mumbai includes submitting

  • A valid address proof
  • A passport size picture of your dog
  • The latest vaccination card of your dog, containing owner details like
    • full name,
    • address,
    • contact number,
    • and the name of the veterinarian along with the details of the clinic that issued it
  • The new dog registration fee is ₹75 per dog and ₹50 as renewal charges for the subsequent years.


If you live in Bangalore, you have to follow the pet dog capping rules of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP).

  • If you stay in an apartment, you get a dog license to keep only one dog per apartment.
  • If you live in an independent house in the metropolitan city, then you can get a dog license to keep a maximum of three dogs.

Further, BBMP has also announced a list of 64-approved breeds for apartments to restrict problems like pet nuisance and cruelty towards animals in apartment complexes.

The Karnataka Municipal Corporation also issues pet licenses through BBMP, and to get your dogs registered; you need to provide

  • Updated rabies and 7-in-1 vaccinations records of your dogs
  • Your dog details like
    • name,
    • age,
    • breed
  • The owner details like name and contact information.
  • The license fee is ₹110 per dog, but you have to renew it annually.

The corporation also has a penalty clause if you fail to register your dog annually. They impose a fine of ₹1000 for it, and if you continue to breach registration, they may extend it like ₹300 every day.


In Guwahati, it is mandatory to register your dogs over three months of age as per the GMC Act. If you fail to do so, it’s punishable under the law. The NGO/society is responsible for the registration of your dog.

The NGO/society functions as an intermediary between you and GMC. They can collect ₹100 as registration fees and ₹10 as application fees per dog from you and get the Metal Tags for your dogs from GMC Veterinary branch after payment of ₹60 per dog.

They must also get the signed registration certificate from the GMC Veterinary Officer after submitting pet documents like

  • A photograph of you (pet owner)with your dog
  • The duly filled form A and B of Levy of Tax on Dogs, as per Guwahati Byelaws, 1975


In Pune, you can get your dog registered with Pune Municipal Corporation. They take advance registration charges of ₹ 500 for ten years (₹50 per year). For registering your dog, you have to submit documents

  • 3-passport size photographs of your dog
  • Anti-rabies certificate of your dog
  • Your details as a pet owner like name and address proof

You get your dog license, maximum within six working days, but you need to re-register your pet at the municipal body’s ward office each year to notify your dog is still living with you.


In Indore, registering your dog with Indore Municipal Corporation (IMC) is simple. All you need to do is visit the nearest government veterinary clinic, along with your dog and fill the application form. It contains details about your dog and you.

Along with the latest vaccination records and an annual fee of ₹100, submit it with IMC. Later,  you procure the license for your dog from them. The best part is there’s no age limit to get your dog registered in Indore.


It is mandatory in Chennai to acquire a dog license.  You can get your dog registered through the health department of Greater Chennai Corporation. You have to pay a registration fee of ₹50 per dog for it.

The registration in Chennai comes along with free immunization for canines that you get from CMC-run pet clinics in the city. To register your dog in Chennai, you need to supply documents with

  • Pet information like
    • Name of your dog
    • Color of your dog
    • Dog breed
    • Age
  • And owner details like full name and contact information


As per Chandigarh Municipal Corporation (CMC), it is mandatory to register your dog. If you have a dog aged more than four months, then get it registered with the civic body at once. Chandigarh also has pet capping laws. As a family, you cannot have more than 2-dogs.

Recently, they have revised the pet registration fees. As per the amended Pet Dog Bye-laws 2020, now you have to pay ₹500 for the registration instead of ₹200.

Moreover, they have also added a penalty clause. You have to pay a fine of ₹ 500 to ₹ 5000 for open defecation. So, if you are taking your dogs to public gardens, Sukhna Lake, and other parks in Chandigarh, an open defecating can attract up to ten times the fine (₹5000).

However, CMC has exempted blind persons with pets from the licensing fees, and the registration of their pets can remain valid till the pet lives.

For registration in Chandigarh, you need documents like,

  • 2-latest photographs of the dog
  • Application form containing owner details and dog information
  • Your Aadhaar Card
  • A copy of the vaccination certificate from a government veterinary practitioner – duly registered with the Indian Veterinary Council (IVC)/ State Veterinary Council (SVC)
  • A certificate from a veterinary doctor stating that your dog is sterilized and inoculated for rabies

Dog Registration Procedure in India Steps to Follow

The Dog Registration Procedure in India: Steps to Follow

To get your dog registered in India, follow the rules and regulations of the municipal corporation (MC) of your city:

Step 1: Submission of documents

You need to submit documents as required by your MC. Mostly they need documents like

  • A duly filled application form for registration (either online or offline)
  • An undertaking by you, accepting to adhere to the bylaws
  • The registration charges (as per the state rules)
  • A vaccination certificate from a registered veterinary practitioner
  • Two passport size photographs of your dog
  • Your address and identity proof

Step-2: Issuing the registration certificate and the metal identity badge

After submitting the documents, your licensing procedure from your end is complete. The MC will verify the documents and issue you the registration certificate of your dog, along with the license number. They will also provide a metal identity badge for your dog containing the name and license number.

Step-3: Collect the registration certificate and metal badge from the MC

The final step of getting your dog registered is to collect the dog license and metal badge from MC. The time of getting them from MC can vary from city-to-city. After you acquire it, fix the metal badge on the collar of your dog for verification.

Benefits of Dog Registration in India

If you are still wondering why you should register your dog in India, take a look at some of the benefits here

● Avoiding Punishment as Owner

In the case of a dog-bite, being a pet owner of a registered dog, you can avoid punishment by showing the registration certificate. The certificate works as a piece of evidence that your dog is vaccinated. You can convince that the victim does not need an anti-rabies injection.

● Finding Your Pet

Due to some untoward circumstances, if you lost your pet baby, the dog tags will help. Anyone can check the license number on them and unite you with your pet baby.

● Proof of Ownership

In case of any dispute, a registration certificate gives you the right to prove your ownership.

● Dog Breeding

If you want to breed dogs for earning, your dog should be registered and have proper documentation. Breeding of unregistered dogs is prohibited.

● Participate in Dog Shows

Most of the dog shows organized in India require a registered dog to participate. You can not signup for dog shows without proof of dog registration and documentation.

Registering Your Dog with Kennel Club of India (KCI)

Registering Your Dog with Kennel Club of India (KCI)

Apart from the local civic bodies, KCI also provides registration for all pet dogs in India, irrespective of the dog breed. Also, if you want to transfer ownership of your dog (legally), a registration certificate with KCI can help you with it. The central purpose of getting registered with KCI is to take preventive action on rabies and leptospirosis.

So, in case of rabies and leptospirosis outbreak in your area, your dog gets protected. It’s kept aside and not counted as a carrier/transmitter of these diseases. Moreover, your dog gets the chance to participate in Annual Dog Shows and Specialty Shows as organized by KCI every year.

You can get your dog registered with KCI online by following the registration procedure and paying the fees.

Registration fees KCI:

  • Dog Bred in India with unknown parentage – ₹337
  • Dog imported from abroad – ₹1124
  • Imported puppy (imported within 60 days) – ₹562
  • Imported puppy (imported within 61 – 120 days) – ₹843
  • Annual subscription to the Indian Kennel Gazette – ₹337

Once you complete the formalities, they will provide you a microchip fitted collar along with a registration certificate. The microchips contain all information about your pet and make it easier for authorities to find your dog if it gets lost.


Every pet parent tries to keep their dog healthy and happy. But, think about protecting them from abuses and providing them the legal right to enjoy a vicinity with dignity.

So, be a responsible pet parent and register your dog in India today!

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