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Thursday , June 20 2024
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How to Clean your Dog without Bathing them

How To Clean Your Dog Without Bathing Them?

Dogs are a part of your family. Therefore, checking on its health requirements, especially hygiene, is essential. A clean dog is healthy, as cleanliness keeps diseases at bay. You can try using a waterless or dry dog shampoo when it comes to maintaining dog hygiene and keeping it clean.

These shampoos are available at various pet stores. They are foam, but you get them as sprays. So, when you use such shampoo, apply it to their fur and rub it gently. Let the shampoo dry – do not rinse the same.

Soon, your baby would smell fresh and clean. It is an ideal option if your dog prefers something other than water. Perhaps they are not doing well or have had surgery that you need to keep the water off their wounds.

These shampoos come in handy when there is a water shortage to bathe your dog if you are on a camping trip. You can trust the dry dog shampoo to do the job and keep your dog fresh until you get back home.

You can get some products that are great at helping you clean your fur ball without a bath. The names that come to mind are the likes of the Fresh Dog Dry Shampoo and Head Waterless Shampoo.

You can be sure you can eliminate the smell that emanates from their bodies without bathing them.

8 Ways to Keep the Dog Clean Without Bathing

#1 Using pet wipes 

It is one of the most effective alternatives you have in this context. If you are a female, chances are you would only leave home with the wet wipes. In the same way, you must also get them for your best friend.

As far as the sensitive areas of your dog are concerned, the baby wipes work just as well. However, when buying these products, please ensure they contain some natural ingredients.

It would be helpful if your baby has sensitive skin. However, please steer clear of products that contain ingredients that may cause an allergic reaction in your dog.

Dog without Bathing

#2 Dog dry bath using baking soda

Are you surprised you can use baking soda to clean your dog without bathing them? Baking soda is used in different applications in all homes, and you can use it to clean your dog too.

Most dogs have a smell, and baking soda is a great way to eliminate the same. Start by sprinkling some soda onto their coat and let them absorb the odor from their bodies. Then, massage the powder gently and slowly across your dog’s coat.

You can wear a face towel and gloves to do the work. Afterward, remove the residue with a damp towel – not a dripping wet one. Please remember to clean your dog without bathing them.

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#3 Using deodorizing sprays

This is something that you can do after you have used the baking soda. These sprays can complement all the options that we are going to talk about over here. You do not want a combination of the smell from your dog’s body with a deodorizing spray with a pleasant fragrance.

#4 Using lemon and vinegar 

Procure a spray bottle and fill it up with vinegar and lemon juice. Next, spray small areas of their coat, followed by brushing the same. It would allow the scent to spread.

It is a great way to clean your dog without bathing them, and this method helps keep the fleas at bay. This way, your little one would smell and look fresh.

dog bath

#5 Cleaning the ears of your dog

There are ways to go about this – ear wipes and ear powder. Some dogs have large ears, and dirt gets trapped in that area, as adorable as it can be. This is where you can use the likes of Aroma Care Ear Wipes to clean their ears.

If you want to use ear powder, a product to proceed with would be the Gold Medal Pets ear powder. It is an ideal alternative to cleaning their ear by bathing them.

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#6 Brushing them 

It is common knowledge that it encounters allergens such as dust whenever your dog moves around. So when you see such substances accumulate on your dog’s body, you know it is time to bathe them so they can be cleaned up.

It would perhaps be better if you used a soft brush to clean up all the fluff accumulated on their body. This way, you can keep them cleaner for longer and reduce the times you must bathe them.

#7 Cleaning their eyes 

These days, you get tear-stain wipes that help clean your dog’s eyes. In this case, one of the best products is the Petpost Tear Stain Remover, which has 100 pre-soaked cotton pods. You can use them to remove all the crust and mucus around their eyes.

This particular product does not contain any harmful chemicals, such as bleach. Therefore, it is safe for your dog. You can use it daily to remove all the tear stains accumulated on your baby’s coat or fur.

#8 Cleaning their teeth 

If you want your dog to be healthy overall, oral hygiene is something you cannot compromise on. You do not want your baby’s breath to be foul, do you? You need not worry.

These days, you have products such as Arm and Hammer Dog Dental Care that would keep your dog’s oral hygiene fresh as a daisy.

If you fail to do this, it can lead to periodontal diseases in your dog. So as far as preventable illnesses among dogs go, this one ranks right up there.


There are several effective methods to clean your dog without bathing them. Options such as dry shampoo, wipes, brushing, and spot cleaning can help maintain your dog’s cleanliness and hygiene between baths.

Remember to choose safe and suitable methods for your dog’s specific needs and consult with a veterinarian if needed. By incorporating these alternatives, you can keep your furry friend fresh and clean without needing frequent baths.

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