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Wednesday , December 6 2023
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How To Bathe Your Dog More Easily

How To Bathe Your Dog More Easily

Guest post!

We all love our dogs and if anything happens to them, we really feel bad. This is because dogs are the best companionship animal to a human being hence emotional support animals.

I have a dog that I love so very much, I carry him, eat with him, let him sleep on my bed, and do so many things with my dog. But most of all, I keep my dog clean.

If you have a dog and wondering how to clean or give him a bath, do not worry I am going to share with you some tips to bathe your dog in an easy way.

Let me tell you, bathing a dog is not a simple task. If you are careless, the dog might get annoyed and bite you.

Tips to bathe your dog

The tips mentioned here are more appropriate for dogs that are house trained, regularly groomed, and friendly. If your dog is heavily matted or aggressive then you should get a professional groomer to handle him.

Make sure you have everything you need before wetting your dog. Let your veterinary do the thinking for you, consult him, and let him recommend the best product you can use to clean your pet. If your dog has skin problems, you’ll likely need a therapeutic shampoo that will address his condition.

You need to get a bath tool, such as the Kong Zoom Groom because this kind of tool reduces shedding by loosening ready-to-drop fur in the tub, and they take your shampoo further by working it deep into the coat. These tools also give your dog a relaxing massage.


Before you start washing your pet, make sure that you have brushed your dog well. Gently pick apart or cut out any mats before the bath, because adding water will make them impossible to remove.

Make the dog get accustomed to you, and give him a chance to relieve himself. If he is particularly nervous, consider muzzling him and ask a partner to assist you.

Just like you bathe your baby, bathe your dog. You need to put everything you need to bathe your dog around you such as brush, shampoo, detangle, mineral oil, cotton balls, and a muzzle or harness.

In the process of washing your dog, put mineral oil in each of the dog’s eyes and cotton in his ears, and make sure you don’t splash water into the eyes and ears. Start shampooing at the neck and work your way down his body to his tail and toes.

When you get to the tail, you can empty your dog’s anal glands. This will help your dog release feces because the dog’s anal glands produce stinky fluid that they use to mark their feces.

While you’re washing your dog play with him a little to make him feel comfortable.

After making sure your dog is clean, pour out the dirty water and rinse using clean water. Getting all the soap out and the coat and skin flushed with fresh water will keep your dog clean longer and minimizes flaking.

Have a towel to put in the bottom of the tub to provide traction and prevent slipping and another towel for drying your dog after cleaning.

Dry your dog carefully keeping in mind that dogs dislike the smell of shampoo. Be certain that your dog is completely dry before you let him out.

If you ignore this, he may just go out and roll his clean body outside. If you’re in a hurry, you can use a blow-dryer to speed things along the way cleaning the dog. Please note that the sound of the dryer might annoy or intimidate the dog.

Don’t use a dryer meant for ladies. Use the dryers that are made just for dogs. It blasts room-temperature air, making drying go more quickly.

Remember to close the door while you’re cleaning your dog. Don’t wash a dog in an open place!

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Emma Alex is the resident pet care expert. She also curates a select range of vet-recommended and approved products.

DISCLAIMER: DogExpress does not endorse or take responsibility for the content in the guest post.

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